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  • The Lego Movie Game Is Fun and Enjoyable
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If you’re a fan of The Lego Movie, you may love The Lego Movie video game. The game is directly linked to the movie, though, so you may want to watch the film before you play the game, or you could wind up a tad confused. That said, The Lego Movie game is fun to play, and comes with a few things that you or your kids will love - here’s a closer look.

Lego Movie Gameplay

You’ll start out playing this game as the main character from the movie (Emmet), but you can move to other characters when specific skills are needed (a mix of characters from the movie are available to make things extra fun). Essentially, the Lego Movie game is a lot like other action-based games, but that’s also what’s so much fun about it. You’ll move through various adventures, conquer obstacles, and play a game that loosely touches the movie storyline. Since the game is based on the movie and the film’s characters, it’s ideal to see the movie first if you really want to get into the game.

The game is set up with swipe controls at first, but you can configure game controls to your preferences if you do so before the game starts. Try out the swipe system first, and then decide whether or not swiping works for you. If not, you can try out a different option or two until the game flows smoothly and feels natural.

The Lego Movie game includes 45 different levels, and does coincide with the various worlds that are also included in the movie (so, once again, you’ll want to see the movie first, or you may be slightly confused). Throughout the game, each level can be conquered by completing missions that are basic and light enough for kids to play (but adults won’t get bored either!).

A Lighthearted Game

The point of the Lego Game is to have fun playing a game that goes along with the movie, which is why the game was created. Marketing aside, the game is fun to play, is light-hearted, and has a ton of fun characters. The only main drawback here is the initial control configuration, which some people might find slightly confusing at first (swiping to play a game is kind of hard to get used to), but luckily you can change these settings as you play.

The only other drawback to the Lego Movie is that if you haven’t seen the movie, the game won’t make a ton of sense. But, that’s to be expected with a game that follows a movie storyline, so do yourself a favor and see the movie first - then you’ll want to play the game just for the fun of it, and if you don’t, your kids will.


The Lego Movie game is available on iOS for $4.99 in North America, 3.99 Euros across Europe, and $6.49 in Australia. The game is only available on iOS at this time, which does cut out Android users, but that’s how this cookie crumbles. If you do have an iOS device, have seen the Lego Movie, and would like to connect the movie to the game, the Lego Movie game is a fun play. Is it the best game out there? Probably not, but if you’re a fan of the movie the game definitely adds something to the mix and continues the story.