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  • Lemon.com: Say Goodbye to Old Receipts
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Receipts are everywhere, but do we really need to keep those small slips of paper? Every time you purchase something, you’ll be handed a receipt. Sometimes, you should keep those receipts, so that you can keep track of everything you purchase. This will, over time, help you track your spending habits. The problem is that trying to keep a stack of receipts is difficult. Not only are those oddly-shaped pieces of paper hard to keep in a neat stack, they add to clutter and take up space.

A new website called Lemon (www.lemon.com) takes some of the grief out of storing receipts – wait, it takes all of the grief out of storing receipts. Lemon allows you to snap a photo of a receipt, and then store that information in your personalized Lemon account, but that’s not all Lemon can do. If you have a tough time keeping receipts, you’ll want to sign up for a Lemon account today – here’s why.

Lemon Simplifies Your Life

When you visit the Lemon website, you’ll be asked to enter your email address and pick a password. The site will then generate a personalized lemon address for you (____.____@lemon.com). You can then send any electronic receipts you receive to your Lemon account or snap a photo of a receipt and add it to your Lemon account.

Lemon will then organize your recipes and provide you with some useful data. Once Lemon has organized everything, you will have instant access to your receipts in a nice and simplified manner. When you want to look something up, just access your Lemon account and find the receipt you are looking for. Really, storing receipts can’t get much easier than this.

Lemon Apps Galore

Not only is Lemon helpful as a standalone website, this website also comes with an app that makes life even easier. If you have an iPhone, Android phone, or BlackBerry, you can download the Lemon app now. Lemon has made a statement that the app will soon be available for Microsoft phones, though a release date has not been noted.

Just like the site itself, the Lemon app is easy to use. Simply sign into the app and scan to your heart’s content. Lemon states that this service will cut back on paper waste, but this is only true if you manage to receive electronic receipts for most of your purchases. Otherwise, you’ll still have to have a paper receipt in-hand, so that you can scan the information and enter it into your Lemon account (be sure to recycle!).


Lemon just received a ton of funding from some very encouraging partners, which means that this site is up and running right now. To sign up for a Lemon account, head to the site listed above, fill in the appropriate information, and get ready for some high-tech organization.

For those who are wondering, Lemon assures users that this site is secure. The company has also noted that various store offerings may be presented to users within the near future (read: if you shop at Target a lot, you may soon be getting Target coupons through your Lemon account).