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  • The Lenovo ThinkCentre Series: Which One to Choose
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Whether your business is large or small, at some point you will probably need to purchase a desktop system or two. Desktops that were built to power a business are different from other desktops. These machines are workhorses and you’ll want to choose one that lasts. Recently, Lenovo has been making some enviable desktops that are suitable for business needs. No doubt Lenovo’s link of ThinkCentre options will come up in conversation when looking at various business desktop systems.

Currently, Lenovo offers three ThinkCentre systems that are ideal for business use. These systems include the Edge 71, M71Z, and the M91P. All of these systems are highly recommended for their components and general toughness, but there are a few differences between the three Lenovo offerings. Take a look at the details below prior to purchasing your Lenovo ThinkCentre setup.

The Lenovo M71Z (retailing at around $759 per system)

The M71Z comes with a nice and large 20-inch standard touchscreen that will no doubt get a lot of use. While a 20-inch screen isn’t huge, it’s a lot bigger than any 17-inch laptop that might be considered as an alternative. The M71Z isn’t equipped with a lot of extras, but it is an excellent work machine and it will integrate with any existing ThinkCentre systems that you current have, which is a bonus. Performance-wise, the M71Z tested very well across the board, and is equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor. If you’re looking for a solid system in every manner, the M71Z is an excellent option for a very decent price.

The Lenovo Edge 71 (retailing between $300-$500 per unit)

The Edge 71 is Lenovo’s basic business desktop. While this system isn’t going to win any speed contests, it is a system well worth considering if you’re looking for something to get your employees through the day seamlessly. Design-wise, the Edge 71 isn’t about to win any awards (and the M71Z is certainly more attractive), but it’s the insides that count. This system does have more USB ports than the M71Z (six total USB ports) in addition to Ethernet, audio, serial, and other ports. You do drop down a bit processor-wise with the Intel Core i3 instead of the M71Z’s i5, but that’s to be expected with a system that is as cost-effective as this one. The Edge 71 comes pre-loaded with some programs, but you’ll find most of these offerings very useful.

Lenovo M91P (around $1,190)

This is certainly the most expensive ThinkCentre available, but there are also some very good reasons why this system is pricier than the rest. The M91P comes with a Sandy Bridge Core i5 processor, and it is super fast. In all tests, the M91P blew competitors out of the water speed-wise. This system is also very easy to expand, easy to open, easy to use, and just all-around simple. It is possible to purchase the M91P with a variety of available Windows operating systems, so keep this mind when considering this purchase. Sure, the M91P is more expensive than most, but it’s hard to beat the new Sandy Bridge processor.