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In the laptop and netbook world, bigger isn’t always better. In fact, most netbook and laptop users search for smaller screens. While compact computers have advantages, browsing the Internet while starting at a small screen isn’t one of them. A small screen means that some pages don’t load properly and other sites can’t be seen to the fullest extent.

Google Chrome changed the way that laptop and netbook users viewed the Internet. Google accomplished this task by taking away any unnecessary toolbars and bookmarks. When you browse using Chrome, you view websites the way that they were meant to be viewed. Firefox is attempting to learn something from Google by offering users the LessChrome HD Add-On.

LessChrome More Firefox

The LessChrome maximizes screen space by eliminating toolbars. Once installed, LessChrome can do everything that Google Chrome can do. Some might say that this Firefox add-on even does it better. Users can opt to get rid of a toolbar, bookmarks, and other standard browser items. If these items are needed again, a simple tab tap will bring back everything that you sent away.

Maximizing your browser screen isn’t a direct alternative to LessChrome. When a screen has been maximized, it’s somewhat time-consuming to regain toolbars and search boxes. This is not the case with LessChrome. Instead of sending toolbars and searches away, LessChrome simply turns these items into smaller tabs. These small tabs then sit at the top of your screen. You can access all tabs by mousing over them.

Firefox Tabs: The Good and Bad

Firefox tabs are what make this browser unique from all the rest. Since the beginning, Firefox has understood that accessing numerous sites at once is a necessity. Firefox also understands that crowding your webspace with handfuls of tabs can be messy and distracting. That’s precisely why LessChrome is so brilliant.

You can still open as many websites as you want with LessChrome. All of those Firefox tabs that you’ve come to love will still be available. The difference is that you won’t see all of those tabs every time you visit a new site. Not only is this great for viewing complete sites, but it’s also a wonderful anti-procrastination tool.

Say, for example, you leave your Gmail account open at all times. That inbox number at the top of your Firefox tab may leave you checking your mail three to four times per hour. With LessChrome, you’ll forget that your email is even open.

Simple Yet Smart

LessChrome is (at the time of this writing) in its experimental stage. When tested, LessChrome performed as Firefox claimed it would. As soon as LessChrome has been downloaded, your browser will turn into a full-screen viewing experience. As soon as you are done looking at a page, rounding up that toolbar once more is a cinch.

Firefox put a lot of thought into the LessChrome extension. This is obvious from the way that LessChrome works. Users can navigate in and out of LessChrome without any effort, and this makes LessChrome an add-on worth trying. Not to mention the fact that smaller laptop screens now have the same viewing advantage as larger screens. If you have a hard time navigating the net with your smaller screen, LessChrome is an ideal option.