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  • LG Creates a Flexible Screen Device
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LG has created an electronic paper display (EPD) that can be bent in all kinds of ways. In addition, this new EPD is super thin, scratch resistant, and won’t become damaged when dropped, according to a LG press release. So what’s an electronic paper display? Even though LG is billing this device as an electronic paper display, it really looks like a tablet of sorts. LG has been talking about flexible e-paper for some time now, but the company has just made the e-paper dream a reality.

If you’re wondering why anyone would want a flexible electronic paper display, you aren’t entirely alone. LG claims that the EPD will change the way that the world reads e-books, but it’s still somewhat difficult to imagine needing this device. All the same, the LG EPD is quite innovative and very fun to look at – even more fun to use, I would imagine!

What the LG EPD Does

Essentially, the LG EPD is an e-reader that was modeled after old school newspapers and magazines (remember the print stuff?). LG’s mission here, it seems, is to make reading an e-book easier and more practical. Consider, if you will, having the ability to fold up your e-reader and place it in your pocket – gone is the awkwardness and bulk of a regular e-reader. As cool as this device looks and sounds, one has to wonder just how durable the device is.

After all, bending any kind of object numerous times is bound to make that object crack after awhile. But LG claims that the EPD is seriously durable and the company demonstrated just how durable this device is by dropping it a number of times from 1.5 meters (about 4.9 feet). If a device can be dropped from nearly 5 feet a number of times without breaking, surely the device can withstands some folding and bending on a regular basis, right?

The LG EPD Is Coming Soon

Today, LG announced that the EPD will be hitting European shelves next month (April, 2012). If you live in Europe, this will be one device worth checking out. Sure, a flexible e-reader might seem like novelty at the moment, but this could be the direction that e-readers will take. Seemingly, an e-reader that can be folder, packed away neatly, and used to chase off stray cats is an e-reader that a lot of people will want to have. The technology behind this new e-reader might not be up to par just yet, but we’ll have to wait for the European reviews to roll in before we can make that judgment call.

There’s no word yet as to when LG will send the new EPD to North American markets, but, typically, North America is the last place where a new device is sent. If all goes well during the European launch, LG is likely to bring the new EPD to North America for further testing and perfecting. As far as how much this device will cost, LG hasn’t mentioned pricing yet either.