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  • The LG Mouse Plus Scanner
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LG often creates devices that are both innovative and practical. Unlike other companies that create similar objects, LC tends to create with a real purpose in mind. Objects such as the new LG LSM-100 Mouse are at home in any office of home office setting. This mouse functions as a regular mouse should, but it can also scan any document.

That’s right, the LSM-100 is a mouse plus scanner all wrapped into one compact package. Move over bulky scanners of old, the new LSM-100 is set to replace anything that claims to be a compact scanner. With a sleek design and user-friendly buttons, the LSM-100 is a mouse to be reckoned with.

How This Mouse Operates

The LSM-100 is reported to be equipped with LG’s Optical Character Resolution capabilities. What does this mean? The LSM-100 can scan a document, and then convert that document into a Microsoft Word document, so that you can easily tweak, edit, or save any text that you scan. This will make scanning, printing, and creating any document simple.

In addition, the LSM-100 can save any image or document that you scan in a number of different formats including JPG, PDF, XLS, and others. This mouse is as intelligent as mice get. While other mice have special ergonomic grips and can communicate well with your keyboard, the LSM-100 does all of that and scans too.

Is the Mouse Out?

Even though the LSM-100 is bound to be an extremely useful tool, some wonder whether or not a new mouse created by LG is a waste of time. Tablet and laptop sales are at an all-time high, and this tends to mean that people aren’t buying mice as much as they once were. Then again, many still prefer the feel and use of a regular mouse as compared to a touchscreen or touchpad.

Is the mouse out? No; the mouse is still very much alive in offices across the world. Are mouse sales lower than they once were? Sure; but this doesn’t mean that LG won’t find a market for the new LSM-100. Instead, people who are in search of a great mouse that can multi-task are bound to find the LSM-100 particularly appealing.

The Mouse Side of Things

A scanning mouse would be useless without actually acting as a mouse first and foremost. Thankfully, LG put as much time and effort into the design of the mouse as it did into equipping this mouse with scanning abilities. The result is an ergonomic mouse that’s easy to use, highly responsive, and designed with style in mind.

So, when will this wonder mouse hit markets near you? A good guess is something towards the end of September or early October. LG has not yet let the public know how much this mouse will retail for, but pricing is expected to be competitive. If you consider all that this mouse can do, a relatively high price is bound to be attached to the LSM-100. But, this price will, no doubt, be justified when you consider the cost of a high-end mouse coupled with the cost of an innovative scanner.