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  • LG's New Ridiculously Thin TV
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You don’t hear much about new TVs these days. Mostly because the new TVs on the market aren’t really mind-blowing. But every once in awhile a new TV comes along that’s different.

Like the newest LG Signature 4K OLED W TV. What’s so unique about this TV? It’s thin.

No, really thin. Like cracker - no, like a cronut layer thin.

LG’s Latest Design

For a few year now, the trend in television design has been to make TVs that are thinner and lighter than ever before. LG is following along the lines of this trend, but the company is also taking thin to the next level. The LG Signature 4K OLED W TV is as thin as they come. This TV is 2.57 millimeters thick. That’s thin.

The OLED W TV is also 65-inches wide. So you’ve got a thin and wide combination that will result in a decent-size TV that won’t take up a ton of room in your living room. But you’ll have to pay for that thin style that’s oh-so-enviable. The LG W will set you back almost $8,000. The larger 77-inch will retail for around $20,000.

Price Justification

Why would you pay this much for a TV? Because LG has made this TV so thin all of the components that go with the TV are already added into the soundbar that comes with it. While it’s still a lot to pay for a TV, the addition of a soundbar does add a lot to the overall package. The sound bar that comes with the LG W is a Dolby Atmos - not too shabby.

Whether or not LG has a market for this TV is a different story. The fact of the matter is that only a select few can actually afford to spend either eight or twenty-thousand dollars on a TV, regardless of how thin it is or what kind of sound bar it comes with. The size of the TV also tends to exclude some buyers from LG’s newest creation.

Not for Small Rooms

The larger the TV is, the bigger your room has to be - or, rather, the more space you need between your wall where your TV is mounted or standing and your sitting area. But it’s not everyone that has a massive living room and large couch to television ratio. So who is LG trying to appeal to?

This TV will sell to those that want the look of the thinnest TV out there. In addition to arriving with a soundbar, the LG W series can support HDR10, HLG, Advanced HDR by Technicolor, and Dolby Vision. Further, the W series runs on WebOS 3.5. Should you spend the cash for this TV?

Aside from being the thinnest TV to date (as far as I have seen), LG has also packed plenty into this television for that $8000 price - the higher price simply means a bigger TV with all the same insides.

So if you want the thinnest TV out there that comes with a great picture and plenty of extras, the LG W series is a good idea.