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  • Libratone Offers Smart, Stylish Speakers
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Libratone has developed a stylish, retro set of speakers to fit just about any audio entertainment need. The speakers come in two models, including the versatile Live system and the Lounge speakers, so you can really choose the right set for your "set up." The team at Libratone brought their Scandinavian design ethic to these speakers, developing a product that stands out in quality and aesthetics, while fitting in with the decor of your home or office.

These high-end speakers come with a high price, but deliver great value in sound quality and design. The body of the speakers are made of high-end wood with a piano finish. The speakers are encased in cashmere wool with a satin chrome handle. They are available in four different colors, including off-white, grey, black and a bold red. They will work with any computer or device running iTunes 10.1 or later. Libratone has also developed an app for their speakers, which is capable of adjusting sound automatically to custom-fit each room it's in.


Libratone's Live speakers are the more versatile of the two. The minimalist design means no messy cables or flashing display screen to deal with. Libratone implements Apple's AirPlay technology, streaming your iTunes playlist from a Mac or PC or iOS compatible device wirelessly to the speakers. As long as you stay within a local WiFi network, the speakers will receive sound from your computer or device. The technology allows listeners to adjust volume or shuffle through songs from their phone or iPod.

Best of all, the audio quality is improved from the messy wire jack connection. The speakers were designed to work like an acoustic instrument, filling the entire room with sound. Apple's Lossless technology enables high-quality audio with a faultless transfer. The speakers are sturdy, but light enough to easily transport from room to room. For those who can't be bothered to carry their speaker from room to room, audio can be streamed to multiple speakers in different rooms.There is no need for a separate remote, because it is controlled from your computer or mobile device.


The Lounge speakers are Libratone's answer to television speakers. The home entertainment system is a staple of the modern american home. TVs are getting bigger and thinner at the same time, but stereo technology hasn't done much to keep up. For high-quality, theatre-like sound, consumers used to have to purchase and install multiple speakers. Surround sound was achieved, but at a high aesthetic cost, putting wires and ugly black boxes around your living room. The Lounge speakers amazingly provide surround-sound from one speaker.

The Lounge speakers are simple and blend in nicely with the rest of your decor. There are no blinking lights to draw your attention, so you're free to enjoy music or TV without distraction. It's designed long and thin to fit perfectly under your flatscreen. It can be hung up on a wall or stored on a shelf. The Lounge speakers can also connect with your iPod or iPhone to play music.