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Thin is in. Well, it's in as far as tablets go. A thinner tablet means a lighter tablet. Lighter tablets, in turn, mean portable tablets. Sometimes, though, thinner and lighter doesn't mean better. But, sometimes it does. Regardless, if thin and light are what you're after, you have plenty of appealing options. Here are my thin and light top tablet picks.

Apple iPad Fourth Generation

I did it. I started off this list with the company everyone loves to hate. I know, the iPad is expensive ($499+). But, it's also one of the thinnest and lightest on the market -- although that title is quickly being usurped by competitors. This iPad measures in at .37-inches thick; 1.44 pounds; and has a 9.7-inch screen.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z

This tablet measures .27-inches and weighs 1.09 pounds. For a tablet with a 10-inch screen, those aren't some bad weight stats. The Xperia also boasts a nice design. Sony priced the Xperia Z at around $499.

Barnes and Noble Nook HD

Barnes and Noble's Nook HD makes it into the thin and light category, surprisingly. This tablet measures .43-inches; .68-pounds; and has a 7-inch screen. Even though this table is thicker than most, it's also one of the lightest. You also can't beat the $199 price tag.

Google Nexus 10

Last on this list is the Google Nexus 10. The Nexus 10 is .35-inches thick; weighs 1.33-pounds; and has a 10-inch screen. The Nexus 10 is often reviewed as one of the best Android tablets on the current market, and it comes with a $399 price tag.

Which One to Choose?

There are lots of factors to consider when shopping for a tablet. One of the most important aspects of a tablet is screen size. If you plan on watching videos or reading books on your tablet, I wouldn't settle for a 7-inch screen. Instead, look at the 10-inch tablet offerings. The other factor to consider is price. Sometimes, it just boils down to what you can afford.

Not everyone can afford an iPad, but an Android equivalent might be an option. Of course, you also have to consider display quality and processor speed. If the sky's the limit price-wise, it's hard to beat the iPad (even the iPad Mini is a good choice). If you want something cheaper, the Google Nexus 10 is really a great buy. I also want to point out something unique about the Sony Xperia.

Tough Is What Sony's Got

The Xperia is tough. Really tough. If you happen to be clumsy when it comes to your devices, there are few tablets that beat the Xperia toughness wise. Sony boasts the toughest tablet on the market, but the company doesn't sacrifice weight or components in order to make a tough tablet.

That said, each tablet on this list comes with individual advantages. My advice? Head to your nearest electronics store and test out all of these options. Right away, you'll note the differences, and you'll likely prefer one over the other in a matter of minutes.