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  • The LikeSo App Will Help You Speak Better
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Speaking is an art. Holding a conversation is an art as well. Far too many people rely on words such as ‘like,’ ‘um,’ and ‘yeah’ when speaking to someone else. Most people probably don’t notice these word crutches, but for those that are plagued by seeking to become better talkers, there’s an app to help you out.

That app is called LikeSo, and it aims to make speaking something that you’ll do with much more ease in the very near future - here’s how it works.

The LikeSo App

If you’re thinking about downloading this app, you probably want to become better at talking to someone - anyone. That person could be your significant other, it could be a potential or current employer, or it could be a date. It really doesn’t matter who you want to converse on a higher level with, it just matters that you want to better your speaking skills.

LikeSo allows you to choose various types of communication (a date, for example) and once that hypothetical situation has been chosen, the app will listen as you speak (you’ll be asked some questions). At the end of your discussion, the app will grade your speech and let you know whether or not you rely on any particular words too frequently.

What the App Really Does

Does it matter if you discuss with an app in an attempt to better your language skills? As it turns out, it does. The more you practice your speech, the more likely you are to sound better whenever you talk to someone. Again, it doesn’t matter who you’re talking to - you can actually talk to an app regularly, look at the words that you use often, and then train yourself to either rely less on those words or use them as they were meant to be used.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make right now when it comes to speech, for example, is the use of the word ‘literally.’ Most people do not mean something in the literal sense when they use this word, but the word pops up as a filler word all the same. Another word that this app picks up on is ‘like.’ People use the word ‘like’ all too often when trying to convey something, but those people rarely are making a comparison (as the word ‘like’ should be used).

A Self Work App

LikeSo is an app that has joined a larger school of apps solely created and focused on yourself. This group of apps helps you to better yourself as a person and as a whole, but they’re not apps that everyone will use. You have to want to make yourself a better person in order to use this kind of app. But if you are hesitant about the way that you speak or you want to sound better when you do talk to people, the LikeSo app can really help.

The app is currently available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded right now. I’m guessing that this app won’t have a long app life, but it will be useful for the few times that you do remember to use it.