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  • Line: The Best WhatsApp Alternative
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If you're not too happy about Facebook's recent purchase of WhatsApp, there is one really good alternative. Line is a messenger app that's a lot like WhatsApp, only Facebook doesn't own this one (so you don't have to worry about the world's evilest social network snagging your details).

Here's what you'll find if you decide to drop someone a 'Line.'

Using Line

Signing up for Line is simple enough. Just download the app, add the necessary information, and connect with friends that are using the app (or send a connection invitation). These things are all very similar to what WhatsApp offers users, but Line has something else that may make this app even better than WhatsApp.

You can make free video and voice calls using Line. See? I told you this feature made Line better! It's kind of like FaceTime via iOS, but anyone can use Line (you don't have to have an iOS device). You can also use Line on your desktop, which makes the service kind of like Skype. Line also lets you play games with friends.

Line Wants You to Play

The friends that you chat with using Line can also become your gaming friends. Simply ask them to join you in a Line game, and you can create an instant Line gaming sphere with your pals. There are some additional tricks up Line's sleeve too.

Cuteness Galore

If you look at the Line website, you'll see that this company is really fond of cartoon bunnies and other creatures. Those same creates can be found when using the Line app in the form of stickers. Line claims to have more stickers for users than any other app (and by 'any other,' I mean WhatsApp).

It's also possible to create group chats, shake two phones together to add a friend to your Line list, and add photos to your Line list in an Instagram-type photo feed way. So, you can chat with your friends and share photos through a timeline at the same time. Line does push the envelope when it comes to add-ons, that's for sure. But, it's also the second most popular SMS option next to WhatsApp.

Is WhatsApp Done?

It can be argued that the reason why millions of people didn't use Facebook Messenger is because they do not like the whole concept of Facebook. Now that Facebook has found a way to tap into non-Facebook users through WhatsApp, those people might start looking for alternatives. Since Facebook can't snatch up all the messenger systems, Line is looking like a really good alternative.

Unless, of course, you want to use BBM, which has its basic charms, but is still largely viewed as an outdated SMS option. There are other alternatives, but Line is the best one in this reviewer's opinion. Got a better alternative to WhatsApp? Let me know about it here. Still play to use WhatsApp even though Facebook can tap into your information now? Tell me about it!

How many of you are already using Line? Love it? Hate it? Let me know!