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  • Nintendo Goes Old School With 'A Link Between Worlds'
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Nintendo's 'A Link to the Past' was a classic. A serious hit for fantasy lovers lost in the world of Zelda. But, Nintendo took sequels to the game too far. In the same way that the Star Wars franchise spun out of control, recent Zelda games have been boring, filled with uninteresting details, and brimming with nonsense.

Thankfully, Nintendo has just released 'A Link Between Worlds' for the 3DS. Why thankfully? This version of Zelda is fun, immediate, and packed with all of those things that made the original game so wonderful. So, Zelda fans, are you ready to return to the past?

Grab your 3DS and let's go!

A Link Between Worlds: Immediate Excitement

The best thing about 'A Link Between Worlds' is that you don't have to wait a long time in order to see some action. Previous versions of Zelda were filled with too much storyline and too many obstacles, which left gamers feeling frustrated without a lot of gameplay. Nintendo has gotten it right once again with 'A Link Between Worlds'.

From the start you'll have a sword to carry around, and I really like the way that this story unfolds. 'A Link Between Worlds' starts off in a dungeon that's home to a scary magician. This magician has been trapping people in paintings, and his next mission is to (you guessed it!) revive Ganon (remember him?). But, that's not the best part.

Link's Special Skills

This time around, Link can appear in 2D at your whim. Putting the character into 2D lets him glide along walls as if he were a painting, so you really get to see the world from this interesting perspective. Plus, becoming part of a wall lets you see things that you might have missed before, and you can even glide between worlds in your flat form.

This game is all-around fun for any Zelda lover, but it's more old school than new school Zelda (a good thing!). If you have any Zelda fans on your holiday list that may miss the old days, 'A Link Between Worlds' is the way to go. You'll have to pick up a 3DS console, of course, but that's not a hard thing to do.

One Drawback: I'm not loving the Zelda graphics in 3D. But, that's about the only drawback I see here.

Launch Date

Nintendo plans to launch the 'Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Two Worlds' on November 22nd in North America. That puts this game on the shelves just in time for the holiday season. Is it a game that I'd recommend? Absolutely. Nintendo has been struggling to connect with its old fan base, and this game bridges that gap.

The only thing holding you back right now should be whether or not you like the 3DS. Otherwise, this game is a blast from the past that you're bound to love. Have you had a chance to check the game out? Looking forward to getting it? Happy that Nintendo is going back in time? Let me know below.