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LinkedIn is about to purchase the online educational site Lynda.com. LinkedIn reps have told press that the new acquisition will bring the social network company closer to its main goal of connecting job seekers with jobs. By providing job seekers with a quick way to gain additional education, LinkedIn may become more of a useful job tool.

Lynda.com has long been the go-to standard for anyone seeking to learn more online. The sites features a number of different courses spanning topics from higher education to design. The goal of Lynda.com is to let people gain more resume experience without requiring a classroom visit.

If you’ve never used Lynda.com before, here’s what you can expect from the site now, and most of the site is bound to stay largely the same when LinkedIn does make that final purchase.

Using Lynda.com

Lynda.com categories include photography, business, design, developer, web, education, 3D animation, video, and audio + music. Clicking on any one of these topics via the homepage will bring you to an additional list of subtopics. For example, if you click on the Web topic, you will then see a number of different courses including things like blogs, web graphics, web development, etc.

After choosing a course, you will be brought to a different page that lists additional courses and tutorials (there are literally thousands of tutorials and hundreds of courses to select from). If you were to choose Blog, you’d be brought to a page featuring a ton of tutorials on things like WordPress. From there, you can choose any one of the courses, and be brought to a ‘preview this course’ page where you can watch a video overview of the course.

Paying for Your Course

Lynda.com offers free trials for every course, but you first have to choose a package based on the ones available. Package rates range from basic at $25 per month to premium at $375 per month. If you run a business and want to provide your employees with additional training, you may want to select that premium package (yearly fee). Otherwise, you just have to choose the package that works best for you. Most people looking for a one-time course will go with the $25 version.

Lynda.com also offers group membership training. If you want to train a team of five people or more, you can contact the company for details. So, how will LinkedIn change Lynda.com when the acquisition happens? So far, LinkedIn has stated that it will be keeping most of the people already working at Lynda.com. LinkedIn is paying $1.5 billion for the company, and it seems like Lynda.com will remain mostly the same.

A Solid Plan

LinkedIn doesn’t want to rip apart or change Lynda.com. The company simply wants to integrate the educational aspect of the site with what’s already happening on LinkedIn. All of this makes good sense, since LinkedIn users are often looking to bump up resumes.

If you do use Lynda.com, the site is still up and running and will remain the same much until the acquisition happens towards the end of the second quarter - and even then, few changes are likely to occur.