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  • A Printer for your iPhone
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Miss the feel of a newspaper? Yearning to get all of your iPhone app updates onto a piece of paper? Well, have no fear – Little Printer is here. Created by Berg, Little Printer is, well, a little printer meant to print news and updates from your iPhone. This small printer was first spotted by Mashable news staff, and it has since caused quite a bit of a stir across the globe.

This palm-sized printer can print updates from your iPhone regularly. Depending on the apps that you have on your iPhone, your personalized printer paper will change every time Little Printer prints. Once you have that printed piece of paper, you can use this paper to share with friends, keep in your pocket, or just allow the small sheets of paper to pile up on your desktop.

How Little Printer Works

Little Printer attaches to your iPhone or Android phone by way of USB. Once connected, any app that you subscribe to - -from Foursquare to News360 – will be gathered by Little Printer. Then, once or twice per day, Little Printer will print a small newspaper of sorts (as wide as a smartphone) that you can keep. This small piece of paper can contain everything from birthday information to addresses and meeting dates and times.

If it’s on your smartphone, Little Printer will print it. What you decide to do with that printout is your business. Then again, one has to wonder if you will do anything at all with a small paper version of all the news that you can already get on your smartphone. Is there a market for Little Printer? That depends on the price of the device, and whether or not you simply like to collect gadgets.

The Little Printer Market

There’s no doubt about the fact that the Little Printer is a gadget. As such, only those people who like to purchase gadgets will sign up for the Little Printer pre-mailing list (you can sign up now on Berg’s website). Berg hasn’t released pricing details, but this looks like a gadget that might be on the expensive side of things. After all, Little Printer is novelty.

Anyone searching for the latest news will not use Little Printer for a news purpose. After all, news is constantly changing, and you can read all the up-to-date news you want directly on your smartphone. I can see a purpose for Little Printer if you want to post a list of friend birthdays or prints certain photographs from your smartphone. Otherwise, this is just a cute toy that will be a lot of fun for those who purchase it.

Little Printer Availability

Little Printer is currently available through a sign-up mailing list. Once the printer has been released in beta, those people who are on the mailing list will have a chance to purchase the printer. You can place the Little Printer on your desktop (battery powered, I assume?), and let the printer print small newspapers for you as much as you like.

Will the printer become the next best thing in technology? Not likely. Will some people have the urge to purchase a palm-sized printer complete with orange feet and a smiley face? Why not?