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  • How to Hook Up Your Living Room
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Most of us are glued to smartphones and tablets all day and night (even though we shouldn't be sometimes!). So, why not connect your home too? This way, you can sit back, relax, and know that everything is connected in one way or another. Not sure how to hook up your home? Start with your living room. Here are some excellent ways to make sure that your living room is connected.

Buy An Apple TV

The Apple TV is one of the greatest inventions ever. Okay, it's not the telephone or the automobile, but it's still an amazing device. Apple's TV only costs around $100, and it will totally change your living room viewing experience.

You can purchase movies, television shows, and check out sites like YouTube from your Apple TV. You can also connect an account like Netflix to the TV setup. Getting an Apple TV is one of the fastest and simplest ways to make sure that your home is connected.

The Humble Tablet

Why is a tablet part of your living room connectivity setup? Most people have a tablet open when watching TV. Tablets can act as second screens, provide a way to get information about a TV show, and are really handy. Don't have a tablet? There are a lot of great options to select from - check out some of the reviews on this site.

A New Gaming Console

The newest gaming consoles aren't like those of old. Today's consoles are basically connected boxes. You can check out content from sites like YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix using a console these days.

If you opt for the PS3, you will also be able to use the console as a Blu-ray player, so that kills two birds with one stone. Plus, let's not forget that these consoles are, in fact, gaming consoles, so you can play some cool games while using them. Just a console? I think not!

Roku Player

If you don't want to spend $99 on Apple's TV, you can check out the Roku player. This device is popular mostly because it retails for around $45 - that's hard to beat. The Roku player can connect you to Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, and other content sites just as well as the Apple TV can. Roku also lets you visit lots of different services tailored for the big screen.

So Many Devices!

It seems like every manufacturer is making a living room device lately. The living is where Apple, Sony, Microsoft, and many other companies want to be. It's easier now than ever before to connect your living room. All you have to do is start purchasing devices. Where do you begin?

Consider whether you are seeking content or a content device that doubles as a gaming console, and go from there. Setting up your living room as the ultimate connected space isn't hard - and it's a heck of a lot cheaper than it used to be too!

Got a living room device you love? Let me know below.