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Buying a home is a big deal. Making sure you qualify for a mortgage or figuring out how you are going to make mortgage payments is essential. Before you begin house hunting, take the time to figure out your mortgage and loan finances. There are many great programs out there that will help you wade through the murky and difficult loan and mortgage waters. Best of all, most loan and mortgage programs are affordable.

There are all kinds of loan and mortgage programs out there. Deciding which ones to purchase largely depends on what you want to get out of a program. At the very least, a loan and mortgage program will help you keep track of your spending, loans, mortgage, rates, and all kinds of additional details. Most of these programs can be purchased for less than $80, and many of these programs are free of charge.

Mortgage Prelude -- $14+
Mortgage Prelude is a simple program (and this is desirable considering the fact that mortgages are hard enough to figure out!), but it is a complete program that does it all. Essentially, Mortgage Prelude is a mortgage calculator. This program can figure out your interest, amortization schedules, and monthly payments in a snap. You’ll also be find out how much you qualify for before you even meet with the bank. This knowledge is extremely useful when attempting to plan a mortgage.

LoanShark -- $60+
LoanShark is the complete mortgage package. This program allows you to figure out weekly, monthly, biweekly, and a number of other payments. You aren’t limited when it comes to additional mortgages or accounts, and you can add details like penalties, late fees, taxes, insurance – the list goes on and on. If you need a program that will put all mortgage details into perspective, LoanShark is the program for you.

MCTA RentalMate Property Management -- $11+
Managing a rental property of any kind is never easy. Thankfully, MCTA RentalMate Property Management makes this process a lot simpler. This program allows you to completely control all aspects of your rental property. Generate receipts instantly, access tenant information quickly, and save all kinds of time and energy by allowing MCTA RentalMate to handle your rental details. Best of all, MCTA RentalMate Property Management is easily affordable at $11. But, just in case, this program also comes with a free trial, so you can make sure that MCTA RentalMate is the right rental assistance program for you.

LoanAnalyzer – Free
Keeping tracking of loan balances can be a chore. Analyzing loan balances and rates becomes a lot easier when you have LoanAnalyzer on your side. This free tool will help you view, understand, and balance any loans that you currently have. Gone are the days when you had to guess at a complete loan balance. Now, LoanAnalyzer makes keeping track of all your loans effortless. There’s really no excuse not to download this tool if you have any loans to keep tabs on.