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  • Logitech Harmony Link Universal Remote
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It’s not very often that this reviewer becomes excited about a universal remote. After all, most of these remotes are the same in nature. But, Logitech has announced the near arrival of a universal remote like none other: the Logitech Harmony Link Universal Remote. Why is this remote special? I’ll give you a hint: it works from any of your iOS devices.

If you own an iPad, iPhone, or iPod, you will want to consider purchasing Harmony Link when it debuts. Heck, you will want to consider this universal remote if you own an Android phone too – that’s right, the newest offering from Logitech will work with both iOS devices and with Android smartphones. A product that works with both iOS and Android? Why not? So, what is the Logitech Harmony Link Universal Remote, exactly?

Why It’s Mind-Blowing

Technically, the Logitech Harmony Link is a small, round, plastic device. This devices allows your smartphone or iOS device to communicate with your surround sound, television, cable box, and whatever else you have sitting on your entertainment shelf via wi-fi. Essentially, the Harmony Link turns your device into a remote. You can adjust volume, change channels, and control all of your devices from your handheld phone or other device. But, I told you that this remote was different from all the other universal remotes out there, and I meant it.

So, what makes this universal remote system different? You can use your iPad (for example) to find out what’s playing right now. You can then click on that show, read a brief synopsis, and select “watch now.” Magically, your whole entertainment console will light up, and your television will turn to the show you want to watch in seconds – all from your iOS or Android phone. No more flipping, waiting, or trying to figure out what to watch.

Amazing, isn’t it? You can also connect more than one iPad device to the Harmony Link console at the same time. This feature might come in handy if you intend to fight your significant other for the remote regularly (you can just click “watch now,” and your TV will change channels).

Cost and Availability

Now that you know what the Logitech Harmony Link Universal Remote is all about, you might be wondering where you can buy one. Better yet, how much will this amazing remote cost? Well, Logitech is being kind to its loyal consumers by offering this universal remote system for just $99. That’s right, for under $100, you can purchase the universal remote system that is sure to be flying off shelves this holiday season – you can even purchase it for someone on your list if you’re feeling extra kind.

As far as availability goes, Logitech is keeping the exact release date of this product a secret. However, rumors surrounding the new universal wonder point to an October release date. If you love the way that the Harmony Link sounds (and why wouldn’t you?), I suggest keeping your eyes peeled. Your local electronics store is bound to pick up this remote offering from Logitech as soon as it is released.