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Apple created the first popular trackpad. Apple’s Wireless Touchpad was an instant hit thanks to incredibly responsiveness and an all-around better option to the tired mouse. Now, Logitech has entered the trackpad market with the Logitech Wireless Trackpad. This Trackpad does almost everything that the Wireless Touchpad does, but it accomplishes these trackpad tasks for Windows users.

The Logitech Wireless Trackpad comes wrapped in a sleek package, is user-friendly, and may represent the future of mice or mice-like devices everywhere. Logitech expects the Trackpad to be an instant hit with consumers around the globe. There are many reasons why a trackpad may be a better option than a mouse, and Logitech now opens up the possibility of switching your old mouse for a trackpad to Windows users. Thinking of switching from a mouse to a trackpad? You aren’t the only one.

Why the Mouse Might be History

Before I get into everything that the Logitech Wireless Trackpad can do, I want to talk about why trackpads are steadily replacing mice. It seems strange that anything could replace a mouse, since mice have been around for as long as computers have been around (so it seems). Yet, trackpads offer movement and a certain control that mice just can’t compete with.

For starters, any given trackpad offers you an entire surface to slide your fingers across – no longer will be you confined to a small trackball or slight mouse surface. In addition, a trackpad offers greater control. On the flip side, it does take a little while before a person can become accustomed to using a trackpad. Still, trackpad sales are up while those resistant to change hang onto the tried and true mouse -- now, onto the latest offering from Logitech.

What this Trackpad’s Got

The Logitech Wireless Trackpad can be hooked up to five different devices at once. All you have to do is plug in the (2.4GHz) USB receiver and you can control various devices at once using your trackpad. Unlike the Apple Wireless Touchpad, Logitech’s creation isn’t integrated into the operating system, so you can’t expect this trackpad to be as responsive as Apple’s invention. Still, the Logitech Trackpad aims to be the next best thing for Windows users.

As far as design goes, the Trackpad looks very much like most of Logitech’s other devices. This trackpad is covered in plastic, it looks slick enough, and it won’t take up too much space on your desktop. Reviewers of all types have noted that Logitech may want to work on making the Trackpad a bit more durable, but this is only a concern if you’re comparing the Trackpad to Apple’s Touchpad, which I’m not sure you should be.

Availability and Pricing

It’s refreshing to note that Logitech hasn’t tacked a hefty price tag onto the Trackpad. You can purchase this device for around $50, which is comparable to the price you’d pay for a great mouse. Logitech has announced that the Trackpad will be available to North American markets towards the end of September.