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  • LogMeIn Hamachi: A Truly Secure VPN Option
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Connecting to any network remotely is practical when you are traveling or just out for a coffee at a local cafГ©. The only problem with connecting remotely is trusting a public WiFi connection. Frequently, people who access networks through public WiFi connections subject those networks to all kinds of malware. The best way to avoid this messy scenario is to purchase a VPN (virtual private network) connection tool. One such tool that’s been gaining a lot of press is LogMeIn Hamachi. Not only is this application entirely web-based (no physical setup required), it has also been touted as one of the securest and best VPN options available.

What LogMeIn Hamachi Does Best

Essentially, Hamachi provides users with a complete secure connection that will, in turn, allow users to access a network securely. Hamachi accomplishes this secure connection task by sending information through the Internet. Unlike other VPN applications, Hamachi doesn’t require any kind of physical setup. Instead, users simply pay for using this program on a monthly basis (around $30 per month) and Hamachi is ready to use whenever you need it without any need for a physical setup.

The Hamachi Setup Process

From the start, Hamachi is simple to configure. Users are prompted at every turn throughout the setup process from creating a hostname to viewing the secure IP address that Hamachi assigns to each system. Users will also be asked to create a LogMeIn account, and once that’s done users can send secure links to other people who wish to share the network. Files can be securely shared amongst users who have system access too, which is a great way to communicate with other users while out of the office.

The LogMeIn site also provides complete configuration access and is rather self-explanatory, though it does also come with a handy Help file and plenty of online assistance. Not only is this application idea for accessing a network remotely, but there are also two free version of Hamachi that users can test out before buying a monthly plan.

A Second Use for Hamachi

Hiring a network administrator is an excellent idea and one of the best ways to ensure that your network will run smoothly. However, hiring any extra person means paying an extra wage and that can become costly. If you use a program like Hamachi, you can hire a contract network manager who can remotely control, grant permissions, and access a network remotely and securely. In short, this program is more than idea for any large or small business that needs a reliable network expert.

Hamachi can be purchased online through the LogMeIn website or you can try the free trial version (there are two versions currently), though it is slightly limited. For around $30 per month, Hamachi proves to be one of the best and securest VPN options available. If you want to make sure that your network is secure with a real true and tested VPN network, you really can’t go wrong with this product.