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Dating sites aren't what they used to be. Gone are the days when chatting with someone in a chatroom seemed like a good way to meet your mate. Today's dating sites are a lot more complex. As it turns out, a computer can find your soul mate -- or someone that you can get along with, anyway.

The newest site to enter the online dating realm is called "Loveflutter," and it promises to be unlike the rest. Is this site up to par? Does it meet expectations? More importantly, can it find that perfect mate for you? Take a look.

Using Loveflutter

Loveflutter doesn't just match you up with someone and let you take it from there. No; Loveflutter wants you to find someone that you can really connect with. But, that's not all. Loveflutter will also recommend first date meeting points. All of this is based on information the site grabs from Freebase.com.

Freebase.com is a Google product (part of Google's Knowledge Graph). Using Freebase's interest graphs, Loveflutter connects two people according to interests that both people share. These interests are gathered from the Internet based on a person's web activity. So, not only will you find someone you find attractive physically (hopefully), but you will also have things in common with that person from the start. Loveflutter also takes matching one step further using Foursquare.

Foursquare Plays A Part Too

Once Loveflutter has matched you with someone, the site will recommend a meeting place for your first date. This recommendation is pulled from Foursquare. If you and the person you are meeting both use Foursquare, Loveflutter can find a place that you both like. There's only one drawback to this that I can think of.

Say your date doesn't go that well (despite having a love for Yoda in common). If you frequented that first meeting spot before your date -- and you know that the person you met does too -- that spot might be ruined for you forever. Or, you may just awkwardly run into the person you met every time you go to get a latte, for example. Otherwise, Loveflutter is a fun dating service.

Who Can Use Loveflutter?

Loveflutter is a startup that's based in England, which means that the site is only running in that part of the world right now. However, Loveflutter will likely be in a town near you soon. If you do live in England and want to try Loveflutter, there are two ways to pay for this service.

You can pay as you go with a $5 activation fee plus a $.50 message fee. Or, you can pay for the Premium package at $29.99 per month. Which one is better? It depends on how many times you expect to message someone or search for a soul mate.

If you are on the hunt relentlessly, that $29 fee is a better option. If you just want to see who likes Girls' as much as you do, go ahead and check out that $5 option. Either way, Loveflutter is bound to find someone you can love.