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  • Lucky Birds: The New Birds in Town
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Unless you've spent the last few years living under a rock, you've probably played, or at least heard of the popular game Angry Birds. To date, the application has been one of the most successful game applications ever developed. WIth such a huge success, it's no wonder that several similar games have popped up to compete.

The latest and greatest game is called Lucky Birds, and is sure to satiate your bird-flinging needs. As the name might suggest, the Lucky Birds game is quite similar to the massively successful Angry Birds, but with a less aggressive plot. Instead of launching birds into greedy pigs' bases to save their eggs and exact revenge, Lucky Birds simply need your help to get home safely.

Lucky Birds live an easy life. These birds don't have to deal with the daily stresses we humans are accustomed to. Lucky Birds only have to worry about not falling off their telephone wire and getting home safely before dark. The player uses the telephone wire that the birds are resting on to launch them into their homes along the sides of the display screen. As the levels advance, more obstacles come into play.

There are three main characters in the Lucky Birds game, each with different sizes and weight, which affect the ease with which they can be launched. Sneaky Sparrow, Big Crow and Dull Pigeon are the three characters who need your help. Different moods can also affect the birds. If a bird is feeling cranky, indicated by a red, jagged border around the bird, he may refuse to sit near another bird, making it trickier to navigate the birds along the wires to get to their homes. Some birds are in a hurry, and come with a timer that they need to get home by.

Another fun obstacle introduced as the levels progress, is in the different types of wires that appear. There are three different types of wires: normal, worn-out, and hot wires. All of the wires in the early levels are considered normal, meaning that any amount of birds can land on them safely. Worn-out wires mean that they are old and weak, and cannot hold as much weight. Only three birds can land on a worn-out wire before it breaks. Hot wires need to be avoided at all costs. If a bird lands on a hot wire, it is burned and dies.

Lucky Birds is a perfect game for anyone who enjoyed Angry Birds, or for those who might be a little too sensitive for a game called Angry Birds. Although Lucky Birds has a friendlier overall aesthetic, the game does feature cartoon violence, including the death of the birds when they fall or are burned, so it is recommended for people age 9 and up. Lucky Birds was developed by Articul Media and is compatible exclusively with Apple devices running iOS 5.0 or later. The game was launched February 5, 2012 and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for only $0.99.