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  • LucyPhone: Stop Waiting on Hold
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In this day and age, it’s hard to imagine that people still have to wait “on hold” in order to place a phone call or reach customer service. Yet, most people spend hours per year waiting on hold just to talk to someone. There are a few ways to avoid waiting on hold including using a speaker phone function, but the annoying music or constant commercials you have to hear while waiting on hold and on speaker phone could easily drive a person insane.

Thanks to a new site called LucyPhone, you don’t have to wait on hold anymore. This site will let you go about your business while you wait on hold to speak with a customer service representative (sadly, you still have to go through the pain of spelling out a number and selecting the right department, but this site will take away some of the angst, guaranteed). Tired of waiting on hold but have to make a call? Here’s how LucyPhone works – and why you really need to use this free site (free for now).

Using LucyPhone

After looking up a certain phone number on the LucyPhone website, LucyPhone will call that number and then path you through to the number. You can then select the right options and choose the right language. When all of those selections are complete and you get put on hold, just press ** and LucyPhone will hold the line for you. At this point, your phone will disconnect. When a person picks up the line, LucyPhone will call you back and path you through to the right person immediately.

Amazingly, LucyPhone is a free service right now. Also amazingly, LucyPhone works without a hitch. Most customer service phone numbers that you need to dial are available through the LucyPhone website, and it’s just a matter of finding the right phone number. Before you know it, you will be talking to the right person without waiting on hold – how ingenious is that?

Getting Started

As soon as you head to the LucyPhone website, you will need to sign up for a Vimeo account. Just enter your basic digits (phone number, email), and your own homepage will pop up. From there, you can access the LucyPhone service. LucyPhone is also available through the Apple Store for free. Just look for LucyPhone, sign up, and start using LucyPhone with your iPhone.

There’s no doubt about it, LucyPhone is really making contacting any customer service department easier. After all, nobody wants to wait on hold all the time (or any time at all). Side note: some companies will make you wait on hold if you try to cancel a credit card or any other account. This tactic is used to (hopefully) make you hang up the phone, so that you can’t close that account – thankfully, the end of these types of tactics is near. If you’re tired of waiting on hold, take advantage of the free LucyPhone app and website offer. I’m guessing that this site won’t be free for long.