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  • Why Apple Computers Are No Longer Impervious to Viruses
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Ask almost any Apple computer owner why they opted for a Mac, and you’ll likely get the response “because, viruses can’t touch this system.” Apple built a solid reputation on systems that were out of reach where viruses were concerned. For many years, owning an Apple computer meant owning a system that was largely indestructible. Then, something changed. Virus developers and hackers got smarter. Technology improved, and the Apple computer was no longer free from all possible virus attacks.

No; today’s Apple systems live in a world where a virus that can attack an Apple computer is a very real threat. A world where the once indestructible Mac is now just as susceptible to virus threats as any old PC. Just this past April, thousands of Mac computers were infected with the Flashback virus (a virus that collected lots of personal details), and Mac users who didn’t have adequate anti-virus protection suites were at a loss. So, what’s a Mac owner to do?

Protection: It’s the One Thing You Should Never Go Without

If you own an Apple computer, you need to make sure that computer is protected by a seriously decent anti-virus program. I know, anti-virus programs were the one thing that you were hoping to get rid of when you bought your Mac, right? Well, I’m sorry to report that those days are long gone. The fact of the matter is that you have to buy an anti-virus program for your Mac – but, wait, aren’t most anti-virus programs built for PC usage only?

This, my friends, is the problem. Most companies that create anti-virus programs did not have Macs in mind when developing these suites. Now that it has become clear that Macs need protecting too, many of these companies have, in fact, begun to adapt programs for use with Mac systems as well as PC systems. Still, it’s kind of tough to find a great Mac anti-virus, so I’ve done all the research and homework for you on that front. Here are some Mac virus protection programs that will keep your Mac safe from harm – and won’t slow down your system to PC status.

Some Excellent Mac Anti-Virus Options

First up is good old Kaspersky. Kaspersky Anti-Virus For Mac ($39.95) is a solidly built anti-virus program that will keep your Mac safe from harm. This program includes an interface that will be familiar to Mac users (Kaspersky developers studied Mac’s interface before creating this program), and it’s an excellent option simply because Kaspersky is a gold standard when it comes to anti-virus developers. The one drawback here is that this program only works with Intel-based Mac systems, so keep this in mind if you have a dual-boot system.

Next in line is another tried and true anti-virus development company: Norton. Norton’s Anti-Virus for Mac 12 is a bit on the pricey side at $49, but it’s worth the price if you are seeking a program that protects all-around. Norton should include Firewall protection, however, since this feature is currently lacking. Both Norton and Kaspersky make anti-virus programs that you can count on to protect your Mac from current and future virus problems because, as stated, your Mac is no longer safe from viral attacks.