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There used to be a rumor circulating that Macs didn't need antivirus protection - that Macs were impervious to malware. After a string of Mac malware attacks, it has finally been proven that this simply isn't true. Macs can be infected, and it is important to protect a Mac just like you would protect a PC. To keep your Mac safe from potential harm, check out one of these Antivirus apps.

1. Kaspersky Virus Scanner for Mac ($9.99). The great thing about Kaspersky's Mac antivirus is that it only scans when you ask it to. In other words, it won't slow down your machine on a regular basis due to constant scanning.

2. iAntivirus (Free). Aside from the fact that iAntivirus is free, this antivirus program is also efficient. iAntivirus performs on-demand scanning, so, again, there's no system slowdown with this option. You can't schedule scans, however.

3. Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edition (Free). If you do want to schedule scans, Sophos' anti-virus is a great option. You can schedule scans, manually run a scan, or access a scan at any time. Plus, this one is free to use too.

4. Panda Anti-Virus for Mac ($49.99). The reason why the price tag on this product is so high is that Panda anti-virus scans a number of things - not just your Mac. Panda's anti-virus will also scan any iOS device that's attached to your Mac (yes, any iOS device can be attacked too!).

5. Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security for Mac ($49.95). Not only does Trend Micro sca your mac, but this anti-virus software also scans any website that you visit. Sine visiting the wrong website can result in an attack on your system, it's a good idea to install a protector that scans websites if you visit a lot of sites regularly.

What to Look For

Some anti-virus protectors simply scan your system, and this is perfect if you don'd do a lot of browsing or you aren't concerned with the state of other iOS device that you may have. Most of these programs are free, too, so you don't have to spend a fortune to run an anti-virus that keeps track of everything.

If you do visit hundreds or thousands of websites regularly, finding a protector that will scan those sites is a smart move. Likewise, scanning your iOS devices at the same time as you scan your Mac system never hurts. As it the case with most things, it really boils down to price. If you want a free anti-virus protector, you can easily find one that will do the basic job. If you want something more complex, you'll have to pay for it.

In Conclusion

In the end, it doesn't really matter what kind of protection you get for your Mac, as long as there is some kind of protection available to you. Gone are the days when owning a Mac meant not worrying about malware attacks. Now, you have to make sure that your Mac is protected - malware isn't just for PCs anymore!