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As someone that writes on a Mac laptop, I can honestly say that the keyboard needs a bit of improvement. Sure it’s thin and compact, but that’s kind of the issue when it comes to typing. Mac keyboards aren’t the most comfortable of all, but finding a keyboard that looks as good as the one that comes attached to the laptop is hard to do.

There are a few different Mac keyboard options out there, but most of them just aren’t that great. There is one that looks a bit unique, though. The Moda Pro by Nixeus is thin and white and will fit your Mac’s aesthetic. Plus, it provides a bit more room for your fingers to move across the keyboard.

The Moda Pro

Essentially, the Moda Pro is a Windows keyboard - stay with me for a minute. It comes with Mac key options and a handy tool that lets you get rid of the existing key tops to replace them with tops that match your Mac. It’s obvious that Moda Pro has thought about Mac users with this keyboard.

The keyboard can be used with any operating system without issue, but it is one of the few that really looks the part of a Mac. As mentioned, there are numerous other keyboards out there that are compatible with Macs too.

So if the Moda Pro isn’t what you’re looking for, you can always check out one of the following options (but I like the look of the Moda Pro - if you’re going to spend all that money for a Mac, you may as well buy a keyboard to match, right?).

Other Keyboard Options for Your Mac

The Wireless Magic Keyboard was designed specifically for Macs. The newest Magic Keyboard looks very modern, is easy to use, has enough room to type comfortably, and now comes with a built-in battery that can be charged using a lightning charger.

The Magic Keyboard and trackpad are nice to look at too, but the one drawback here is the price. If you want a keyboard that looks great and was built for Mac by Apple, you’re going to pay for it. This keyboard and mouse option will cost you $99.

Another good option for your Mac is the LogicKeyboard. This keyboard is probably better suited for video and photo editors, since it’s kind of complex and built for serious professionals. But, again, it does provide more finger room than the average Mac laptop, so that’s something to consider if you like the way that this keyboard looks (colorful and not white).

'Dealing With Your Mac Built-In

If you don’t want to add an extra Mac keyboard to the mix, you can just work with your Mac laptop built-in option. If you aren’t typing on a laptop all day long, you probably won’t notice the cramped keyboard. In fact, this keyboard is fine if you’re just doing your social thing or writing emails.

It’s when you have to spend hours per day writing articles that your fingers and arms will feel the pinch. If that sums up what you do for a living, do yourself a favor and look for a keyboard that gives you some more finger room - any of the boards listed above are better than what’s built-in.