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  • Magic Feet

Wireless devices are great, but buying any kind of wireless device also means that you’ll have to replace the batteries inside of that device frequently. Now, those who own a Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad for Mac have an alternative to changing batteries on a regular basis. A new device called Magic Feet will charge all of your wireless Apple devices, so that you don’t have to worry about changing batteries all the time.

Not only is Magic Feet practical, it’s also a simple to use device that anyone who has any wireless Mac devices will want to take a close look at. Sure, the price tag of $194 is a bit high for a device that simply charges wireless mice and keyboards, but this price is worth it once you consider how often you have to change those batteries.

How Magic Feet Works

Magic Feet looks like a long tube with a flat surface. To charge a mouse, simply place the battery pack (included) into the mouse, and then place the mouse in need of juice on top of Magic Feet. Charging a wireless keyboard happens much the same way. Insert battery pack first and then just rest the keyboard slightly on top of the device and your keyboard will charge in no time. Best of all, Magic Feet has been designed, so that you can keep typing while your keyboard is charging (you keyboard won’t slip).

If you’re missing some USB ports, Magic Feet can help you there too. This device comes with four different USB ports, so you can plug in all the devices that you want. Clearly, Magic Feet will be a device that many Mac users won’t be able to live without. Then again, some may find the price off-putting (to be honest though, most Mac accessories come with a high price tag). Dying to test out Magic Feet? Can’t live another day with those AA batteries? Well, you might have to wait just a bit longer.


While Magic Feet debuted a week ago to those within the tech world, this device won’t actually be available for retail sale until March. That’s right, you’ll have to wait until March to get your hands on Magic Feet. In the meantime, you’ll have to keep using those double A batteries to get you where you want to go in the wireless world. For Mac users, Magic Feet is certainly practical and useful, but what about the PC crowd? Sorry, folks, no such charging device exists right now for PC mice and keyboards, but you can bet that some company somewhere will come out with a device similar to Magic Feet for competitive purposes.

If you have $200 dollars to spare and you need a way to charge your Magic Mouse and Mac wireless keyboard, the Magic Feet is worth looking into. On the flip side, if you are fine with changing those batteries once in awhile, that $200 price tag may not be justifiable after all.