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  • Mac Mini Gets an Update
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Apple has been really busy lately. The company rolled out a new MacBook Air and Operating System (Lion) as well as updating the popular Mac Mini. The Mini has always been a steady seller thanks to its compact size, good looks, and excellent performance. Now, the Mac Mini has received a few new features that any Mini fan will appreciate.

Out With the Old

Core 2 Duo had its days of glory. Now, the MacBook Air and the Mac Mini are equipped with dual-core i5 processors. These processors are faster and all-around better, which is why Apple is so keen on adding i5s to the company’s new lineup. Apple hasn’t yet rolled out the new iPhone 5, but one can imagine that the newest member of the iPhone family will come with considerable upgrades as well.

The new processors are not the only things causing a Mac Mini stir. The Mac Mini is now without an optical drive. This, says Apple, allows the Mini to be cheaper, faster, and come with improved graphics – a win-win situation for all.


Mac Mini is now compatible with the Apple Cinema Display through Thunderbolt. As an added bonus, the Mac Mini will also connect with a range of Thunderbolt storage devices. If you love the idea of the Mac Mini so far, you’ll also enjoy the fact that it has an HDMI out and MiniDisplay Port.


If Apple’s new Lion OS is appealing to you, you can expect to pay $999 for a Mac Mini that’s equipped with Lion’s roar. This version of the Mini comes with a dual-500 GB hard drive, a quad-core i7, and 4 GB of RAM. If you don’t have a little less than a grand to spend on a new system, you can still cash in on all that the Mini has to offer by purchasing the basic Mac Mini or the Mac Mini that comes with a bit of an upgrade.

If basic sounds good to you, you’ll pay around $599 for a 500 GB hard drive, 2 GB of RAM, and an Intel 2.3Hz dual-core i5 processor. A slight upgrade (around $799) includes an AMD Radeon HD 66430M graphics card, 4 GB of RAM, and a 2.5GHz processor.


In true Mac Mini style, the newest Mini is small, sleek and compact. The appeal of the Mac Mini is that this system can easily sit on any desktop without taking up a lot of space. Instead of dealing with a cumbersome tower, the Mac Mini sits neatly on your desktop. To use the Mini, you can connect any of Apple’s displays to the system in addition to the keyboard and mouse of your choice.

The new Mac Mini promises to be more powerful than the old one, which is one of the reasons why critics across the board are excited about Apple’s latest release. If you’re curious about Apple or want to update your current Apple system, the new Mac Mini is well worth looking into.