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  • The New Air: It Can Go All Night
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The new MacBook Air looks just like the old one. But that's a good thing - and it's also where the similarities between the older Air and the newer one abruptly end. Apple unveiled the new MacBook Air at the recent WWDC 2013 conference to an anxious crowd. What Apple promised was a better performing laptop with an amazing battery life. A battery life promise that had many people wondering if it was even possible.

Did Apple deliver on this big promise? The first hands-on look at the new Air proves that this laptop is all its cracked up to be, and more. If you're in the market for a new laptop that can go all night, this is the one for you.

Battery Life Promises

Apple originally claimed that the new Air would have a 12-hour battery life when running regular programs. When playing movies, the Air is supposed to have a 10-hour battery life.

When tested, the Air did live up to these standards and out performed the previous model by hours. A laptop that can run longer than 8 hours is unseen.

One that can last 10 or 12 hours is simply amazing - and something that frustrated laptop owners have been wanting for a long time.

What about the rest of the laptop? Did Apple live up to all of the company's claims about speed, efficiency and other details? So far, it all looks right in line.

SSD Speeds Are Top Notch

The new Air comes with A PCIe connection in place of the old SATA connection. What this means is super fast speeds. What this means, essentially, is that transferring large amounts of data will now be lightning fast. Again, Apple has lived up to the company's promises. Incidentally, the PCIe connection will also find its way to the new MacBook Pros when those roll out.

You'll also find nicely improved graphics as part of the new Air. The 2013 Air comes with the Intel HD 5000 chipset. This provides a slight graphics improvement that is rather noticeable. A nice upgrade! There's just one more part of the new Air that deserves a bit of attention, and that's the promise of faster WiFi.

Blazing Fast WiFi

The new 2013 Air is the first Apple laptop to come with 802.11ac Wi-Fi. When teamed up with the right router, this WiFi improvement is bound to impress. What's my impression overall? The Air is a great laptop for anyone seeking a light and powerful machine. The Air can withstand lots of battery abuse, it's fast, and it comes with some admirable features. Did Apple hit this one out of the park? It sure looks that way.

The new Apple MacBook Air is available for $1,000+, can be upgraded, and is currently ready for purchase through the Apple website. In the market for a new and fast laptop? Don't discount the Air. Also, keep in mind that those new MacBook Pros are on the way if you're looking for something a bit heavier. Questions? Sound off below.