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  • Apple Updates MacBook Air Software: Details Inside
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Right after Apple released the MacBook Air (2013) consumers started reporting some issues with the MacBook. Mostly, users were having a tough time connecting to WiFi, and using Photoshop proved to be an interesting experience with flickering screens and other problems. Today, Apple has finally released a software update for the 2013 MacBook Air. If you have a newer Air, here's what Apple's new update has in store for you.

Um, I'm Not Connected?

Reportedly, a loss of WiFi connectivity is only happening with the MacBook Air 2013 edition (so people say, that is). However, I have the same issues with my MacBook Pro, 2012 edition. In any case, Apple has released an update for the MacBook Air that fixes those WiFi connectivity issues.

Air users were having a really hard time connecting to WiFi for awhile there - a connection would happen, then not happen, and then happen again. The result? A lot of frustrated MacBook Air users. So, this has now been fixed. What else?

No More Ghosts In the Adobe Screen

Using Photoshop with the 2013 MacBook Air was kind of like experiencing a design haunting. Photoshop screens would flicker, photos would be impossible to fix up, and users would become annoyed with the whole process. Apple's newest patch gets rid of any Adobe incompatibilities.

So, now you can use Photoshop without hesitation or worry that your newly doctored photos won't be saved - or, worse, that you won't be able to touch-up those photos before you post them on Facebook (the horror!).

Where to Get the Update

As with most Apple software updates, you can now go for Update 1.0 through a download on the Apple website. I'm hoping that you have a non-WiFi connection if you need to update, though, because I'm betting that your WiFi is still a bit iffy. Alright, that was a joke, but you get my point. If you are tired of the previous MacBook Air glitches, get yourself to the Apple website and download Update 1.0.

In case you're curious as to why the MacBook Air had some WiFi issues, it's because the Air was the first of Apple's computers to support the newer and faster WiFi standard called 802.11ac. Well, that's one explanation. But, as Apple has stated, the WiFi issues weren't related to that new update precisely. So, why the bugs with Adobe? Who knows.

Not Unusual, Though

Before you start hating on Apple, Android people I'm looking at you!, it should be stated that software problems happen all the time when it comes to new products. The new MacBook Air is a solid laptop (in case you are in the market for one), so don't be deterred. Plus, Apple has fixed the software in a timely manner, so all is well that ends well, right?

Are you experiencing WiFi issues with your Air? Need some more help? Can't figure out how to download the fix or what the heck is happening with your Air? Leave a note below. I'll get back to you with details.