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  • Deal! Major Discount on MacBook Pros!
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Sometimes there are deals that you just can't pass up. I'm about to tell you about one of those deals. Ready? Best Buy just cut $200 from its lineup of MacBook Pros. That's right, you can now get $200 off of a MacBook Pro (13-inch). If you happen to be a student, that reduction will go down to $300.

Get your student ID out, find a guy that will make one for you, or try to con a Best Buy sales person into believing you left yours at home - whatever you do, this deal is amazing from all angles. Don't believe me? Take a look below!

Details, Details, Details!

So, you want to get a MacBook Pro at a great price now, right? Getting in on this deal is pretty simple. Just go to your local Best Buy store, check out a Pro, and tell them that you want your $200 or $300 off - if you live in the USA, that is. If you live outside of the states, you will have to check with your local stores to see if the deal applies where you are. Hopefully, it does, because this is an awesome bargain.

What does the discount include? The MacBook Pro that's currently priced at $1,199 (4GB of memory, 2.5GHz dual-core processor) will now be $999 for everyone, and $899 for students. Yep, $899! If you want the higher-end MacBook Pro, that laptop goes from $1499 to $1299 for all shoppers, and $1499 for students. Every once in a while, MacBoo Pros are discounted, and the time for that is now. But (as a million cheesy TV ads scream): hurry! this offer won't last for long!

Duration and Other Information

The amazing Best Buy deal mentioned above will begin on Thursday, July 25th, and it will end when stores close on July 27th (Saturday). That's just two days to get to a Best Buy store, snag a Pro, and run like heck out the door hoping the store hasn't realized its mistake - just kidding, this is a legit Apple deal. Speaking of Apple deals, though, you may want to wait a bit before you buy your next Apple laptop.

Why? Every year, around the time when kids go back to school, Apple offers new and amazing deals. Some years those deals are better than other years, but you can count on an Apple back-to-school deal to surface. When? It's hard to say, but usually this happens in August or September. Companies like Best Buy want to get in on the back to school frenzy early, so that's why this deal is happening now.

Should you wait? It's a gamble. If you are really wanting a MacBook Pro, it's hard to beat $200 or $300 off on those expensive laptops. Even if Apple comes out with a deal on the Pros, it probably won't be this good. Then again, you could miss out on something great - decisions, decisions! Got questions about this deal? Need more info? Want to know why Pros are so great? Write a note below.