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  • The New MacBook + Retina Display
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Yesterday, Apple unveiled lots of fun toys that consumers everywhere are bound to go nuts for. While there are plenty of things to discuss about the unveiling, the new MacBook Pro stands out above them all. This new laptop is light, comes packed with plenty of great things, and it also has retina display. In short, the new MacBook Pro (despite the high price tag) is bound to sell very well.

Inside the New MacBook Pro

The most important thing to note about the new MacBook Pro is the display. This MacBook offers up the highest laptop resolution on the planet – 2800 X 1800. The display alone is enough to make any serious Apple junkie go nuts. In addition to the craziness that is the MacBook Pro’s new display, this laptop also comes with standard (that’s right, standard) quad-core processors. You’ll also find USB 3.0 ports, a complete HDMI port, and the newest version of Mac OSX Lion.

It’s also interesting to note that Apple took cues from the existing Air when creating the newest Pro. Even though this laptop has a sleek design, beautiful 15-inch screen, and plenty of excellent components, the new Pro only weighs 4.4 pounds, which is really something astonishing. How did Apple shed all of that weight? Well, one of the best ways to shed laptop weight is to ditch the optical drive, and that’s exactly what Apple did in this case. Is this a good move? More and more consumers are becoming comfortable with a lack of an optical drive, and I’m certain that the quality and sheer impressiveness of this new Pro will be more than enough to entice curious consumers.

Pricing and Availability

Now that you know there’s a new Pro on the market and it’s one of the most impressive laptop offerings available, I’m betting you want to know how much this new members of the Apple family will cost, right? Well, the new Pro isn’t cheap at $2,199, but this price might not stick to the system forever. It’s also worth pointing out that the MacBook Air was once priced on the very high side, but this pricing didn’t last, so the new Pro might come down in price a bit as the months pass. So far, reviews for the next generation MacBook Pro have been overly positive, and this laptop seems to be the top laptop to beat now.

When can you get your hands on Apple’s newest laptop offering? Apple has stated that the new MacBook Pro Retina is ready to ship right now. This new laptop should be in stores already and you can also order it from the Apple website. Not sure you want to spend that much on a laptop? You can wait a few weeks to see if prices drop or simply consider that this laptop has the best display available – gamers, take note. Apple certainly seems to have impressed again with a product that is ahead of its time. If for no other reason, head to an Apple store to see what this Pro is all about – I’m betting you’ll want to leave with one.