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  • Remember Mad Magazine? It’s Coming to Your iPad
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It may have been awhile since you last picked up a Mad Magazine (you can admit it, I won’t tell!), but you’re sure to remember the magazine all the same. Well, Mad Magazine is still in print, but the creators of Mad are looking to join the digital age. Rumor has it that tomorrow (April 1st or April Fool’s Day), Mad Magazine will launch a dedicated iPad app.

This app will include all of the latest Mad issues for the low purchase price of $4.99. You will also be able to buy past issues for $1.99 or opt for a yearly subscription of $9.99 (the better option, of course). Mad representatives have claimed that new issues will hit newsstands and the iPad app simultaneously, so you won’t have to wait for an issue to appear. What about that famous foldout section? Mad reps claim that this portion of the magazine will, somehow, be alive and well through the iPad app.

The Death of Print

It’s rare to see anyone purchasing a print magazine subscription these days. Most people have some type of e-book reader or tablet that has taken the place of anything print. These digital replacements allow people to read magazines, books, and many other former print publications digitally, and most of the time these digital options are cheaper and are produced faster. In addition, an e-reader or tablet allows users to view a number of magazines and books at once. In short, print just can’t keep up.

Almost all magazines are headed in the digital direction. Even libraries that were once proud to shelve thousands of volumes of worn dusty books are offering up digital version of the classics. Yes, it seems that, as sad as it may be, print is dead. As print slowly fizzles out, magazines like Mad have nowhere else to turn. So, you can expect many of your favorite old magazines to suddenly start showing up on a digital device near you very soon.

This Weekend Marks the Launch

As mentioned, the digital iOS version of Mad Magazine will be launched this coming Sunday. You will have to wait for Sunday to arrive to see what the brains behind Mad Magazine have cooked up for the iPad. There’s no doubt that this digital version of the magazine will look great on the new iPad and it’s sure to include lots of interesting articles too. There’s no word yet as to whether or not Mad intends to roll out version of the magazine on other platforms. However, it seems safe to assume that Mad will see how the iOS launch goes and then bring the magazine to other platforms.

If you’ve always been a Mad fan or you just miss the magazine, why not cough up $10 per year to see those great articles and cartoons come to life? Or, you can just check out a copy now and then when dashing form airport to airport. For $10 per year, you can keep this magazine afloat – even if it is in digital form.