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  • MadPad App: Hear Life’s Music
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Take your headphones out of your ears for a moment. What do you hear? The sound of traffic, honking horns, maybe a stereo in the background? Noises surround all of us on a regular basis. These noises make up our lives, fuel artistic inspiration, and largely blend into the background that is our subconscious. But, what if these noises could be gathered and placed into a soundtrack?

What might your life soundtrack sound like? If you download the MadPad app, you’ll quickly find out what your life actually sounds like. This app turns everyday noises into a symphony of sorts, and it does it for a mere $.99. Do you need this app? Maybe not. Still, MadPad is a great way to turn all of those little annoyances into a soundtrack that you can call your very own.

What MadPad Actually Does

Oddly reminiscent of the Blueman Group, MadPad records images and sounds from your day, and places all of those short clips at your fingertips. You can then tap on each image, which will, in turn, play a sound, and go nuts. If you tap enough images (let’s say a car horn honking, keys rattling, and a baby screaming), you can create an interesting soundtrack.
Why bother creating a soundtrack of small noises?

Well, I’m not entirely sure yet. But, there are some reasons why this app may be useful for more things than simply creating noise. Let’s say that you have told an annoying friend time and again that your days are busy. If you download the MadPad, you can record small clips from your day, turn those clips into a soundtrack, and share that soundtrack with your friend. That person will then see what you do every day, and you don’t have to get angry about it.
There’s also the potential to create a very interesting advertisement using this app.

If you snap small samples of things you can do or that your office does, and post this soundtrack on, say, YouTube, you might have something that people will have a good laugh looking at. Conveniently, MadPad developers have created an exportation button that lets you send a video right to YouTube. You can then upload this video to your website – a great idea.

User-Friendly App

One of the great things about the MadPad app is that it’s easy to use. An app of this sort could potentially be complex to navigate, but this isn’t the case with MadPad. Instead, recording images and sounds is simple. In fact, turning the whole thing into a quick video is simple. Exporting that video to YouTube is simple – you get the idea. If you find yourself bored during a daily commute or listening to the sounds around you, why not share those sounds with people or clients?

You never know what kind of soundtrack you can create. Further, you never know what you can do with your newly recorded soundtrack. In a word, MadPad is genius. This app is currently available through the Apple App Store for iPhone at $.99 and for iPad at $2.99. Seemingly, it would be easier to record videos using an iPad, but, after testing it out, I’ve found the iPhone app to work very well.