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  • Magic Guitar for iOS
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Some apps are practical. Others are just plain fun. Magic Guitar (by Smule) is the fun sort of app. If you don’t download this app, you won’t die or get lost in a shady neighborhood. But, you may just find that you’ll learn how to play the guitar (more or less), and create a fun tune or two in the process. Magic Guitar is a free app for iOS, and it’s one of the better guitar apps out there. If you have had the chance to play around with any other Smule music app (Magic Piano or Magic Fiddle, for example), you know just how much fun these apps can be.

We all need to pass the time now and then, and apps created by developers like Smule are made just for those times. If you have an iPhone (sorry, Android users), you can download the Magic Guitar app for free from the Apple Store. Why would you want to do that? Here’s why this reviewer thinks that Magic Guitar will be more popular than many anticipate.

Why This App Is Fun

After downloading Magic Guitar, don’t hold your phone in your hands as you normally would. Instead, hold your phone in the palm of your hand like you would hold a guitar. Then, watch as the notes on the screen appear, and tap each note as it appears with your fingers. Before you know it, you’ll be playing a song on your iPhone guitar. Magic Guitar also allows you to create slide effects and when you shake your phone (carefully), you will create some interesting vibrations.

As you make your way through this app, Smule has nicely lined up handy instructions that make playing Magic Guitar all the more fun. Learn as you go and play as you learn – that’s the name of the Magic Guitar game. Really, this app couldn’t be simpler, but it’s also something that most people haven’t thought about before.

Another very cool thing about Magic Guitar is that you can share your guitar playing skills with your friends via a number of social networks. If you think that you’re a great guitar player, this is a fun way to show off your skills. If you’re not so great, who cares? Really, when it comes down to it, spreading the word about a fun app is helping developers like Smule create more fun apps, so go ahead and post your terrible rendition of Jingle Bells – you’ll be helping out in your own way.

More Simple Apps

Every app that I review these days is of the serious sort. Most apps are focused on news stories or teaching people how to do something practical. Sure, practicality has its place, but sometimes it’s fun just to use an app that’s, well, amusing. Isn’t it about time that more developers create apps like Magic Guitar? Not only is this app lots of fun to use, it’s also well-designed and well-planned, which is really more than half of the app battle.

Sure, there are lots of music apps out there, but few of them are created with user-friendliness in mind.
Raise your hand if you like fun apps, let people know about apps like Magic Guitar, and make sure to visit the App Store right now to play your new iPhone instrument – trust me, this is one app that will make you smile.