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  • A Closer Look at the MagicJack App
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MagicJack: Why Use It

The MagicJack app isn’t new, but it’s an app that a lot of people aren’t familiar with. If you make any kind of long-distance calls, though, MagicJack is a good way to go. This app lets you make those calls (or any kind of call) from your phone or your computer using your Internet line, so you don’t have to pay any long-distance rates. If you haven’t used MagicJack before, here’s how it works.

Setting Up MagicJack

In order to make calls with your iPhone, simply download the free MagicJack app. From there, enter your details (email address, name, password). Once that’s done, allow MagicJack to access your contact list, and set up push notifications if you want to receive calls that people are sending to your MagicJack “number.” The new number that the app will give you is actually a ten-digit code that someone has to enter in order to call you.

In addition to using the free MagicJack app, you can also use MagicJack through your home phone. If you purchase the MagicJack USB ($59), you can attach the USB to your home phone, and anyone calling your phone will be redirected to your smartphone. With the jack, you will also get free long-distance and local calling anywhere in the US or Canada. You can also plug the USB into your computer in order to make calls from your computer (within North America).

Calling Other Countries

If you want to call someone in a country that’s outside of North America, the MagicJack app lists various rates for calling different areas, and you can view these details by looking at the rate list included with the app.

Comparing MagicJack to Skype

Skype already lets users call other Skype users for free using the Skype app. But every once in a while someone comes along that doesn’t use Skype or doesn’t know how to use Skype. When this happens, MagicJack is a really good alternative, since you can simply connect your smartphone to any line through the free MagicJack app. You do have to purchase the USB in order to use your computer to call someone through MagicJack, though, unless you have a Mac that can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

It’s hard to see why you would use MagicJack if you already have Skype, though some people might prefer to use the MagicJack option if they do not like or do not use Skype. MagicJack does work rather well, though some calls can be dropped or spotty, and it’s a free way to connect to anyone in North America - plus, if you purchase the USB, you can send all of your landline calls to your phone (if you still have a landline).

MagicJack is also useful if you want to call a conference line that’s outside of your area (one that you can’t usually call if you are trying to connect to a line in the U.S. from Canada, for example). If you haven’t used the MagicJack app before, give it a try, it may just be the alternative to Skype you’ve been looking for.