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  • Magisto: Turn Your Clips Into Interesting Videos
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We’ve all done it: taken a video that’s too long or too boring to watch, and posted it on YouTube, sent it to family members or shared it with friends. Sure, editing a video is an option, but who has time to mess with complex video editing software? Most people skip the editing step altogether and wind up with a video that’s less than interesting. The result of a boring video is a video that nobody wants to watch, so what’s the point?

Well, the truth of the matter is that there’s very little point at all. There’s no point unless you take the time to edit out those boring and bad parts, add a quick soundtrack, and create a video that’s fun and enjoyable, which used to take a long time. Now, there’s Magisto. A website that helps you turn any clip or mishmash of clips into a video that people will enjoy.

How Magisto Works

Magisto is a simple website designed for everyday people. If you are into video editing and you love working with video editing software, this is not the site for you. If you just want a video that you can proudly share with family and friends, Magisto will make this happen. To begin using Magisto, head to the Magisto website (www.magisto.com) and click “Join Magisto.”

You will have to fill in the sign-up sheet (name, address, basic info) or you can quickly connect using your Facebook account. Once you’ve verified your email address, click on the sent link, and then on “get started.” You can then choose to go through the tutorial or to skip this step (really, the site is self-explanatory). Finally, you can upload your video, choose a soundtrack (your own or one from the site), and add a title to your video. As soon as you’ve done all of these things, Magisto will work on creating your video for you. After testing, Magisto took approximately 30 minutes to complete a video.

Share and Enjoy

The powers that be behind Magisto haven’t revealed much about the way that this site works. But, it’s safe to assume that Magisto uses some kind of face recognition software to piece together the best parts of a video. As soon as the right soundtrack has been applied, the video of your dreams (ok, maybe not your dreams, but certainly better than any unedited video!) will be created.

All of this is entirely without charge, which makes Magisto worthwhile. Whether you take lots of videos of your kids or your pets, Magisto will turn those boring family videos into something that you want to show off. Best of all, you don’t have to grapple with any kind of video editing suite to make a Magisto video happen. All you have to do is leave the video editing magic up to Magisto.


Magisto does come with a handy tutorial that you can view when you first sign up for the site, but I’ll be honest: you don’t need this tutorial. The fact of the matter is that Magisto is so easy to use, it’s a cinch to put any video together quickly. This site couldn’t be more user-friendly. The only thing that Magisto could work on is video preparedness time, but waiting thirty minutes for a custom video isn’t all that bad.