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  • MailChimp: What this Monkey’s Got That You Want
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Email marketing is a dangerous game. Should the wrong person read your email, you can be marked as a spammer. Should you send out too many emails, your message is likely to turn into trash. Far too many email marketing programs don’t err on the side of caution when it comes to sending out email messages. They should.

MailChimp walks the line between too many emails sent and not enough notifications released. This is a very difficult line to walk, and it’s also one that you can leave in MailChimp’s capable hands. Don’t be tempted to send out your own marketing emails – let MailChimp do this for you.

What MailChimp Can Do

MailChimp allows you to create customized messages and mailing lists. Depending on the membership program that you choose (rates vary), you can add thousands or hundreds of people to your mailing list. You can even select a free version of MailChimp that will allow you to add 500 subscribers to your list.

In addition to providing you with all the right mailing tools and integration abilities, MailChimp also makes it possible to see who has read your email. In this day and age, the excuse “I didn’t get your email” simply won’t fly – MailChimp will see to it that you know when your emails have been read. This simple feature will make cold calling clients a lot easier.

Campaign Options
No email marketing campaign can be successful without a variety of options. MailChimp allows you to select from a few different campaigns including a plain text, HTML, RSS, or split campaign. Most of these campaigns are self explanatory with the exception of the split campaign, which is a very helpful marketing tool.

When you choose to split a campaign, you can divide your emails into two groups. Through various analytics that MailChimp will provide you with, you can determine which emails are read fastest, which subject lines work best, and what time of day proves to be most effective for sending out query emails.

Templates Abound

Of course, no email campaign can be complete with a serious template collection. MailChimp wants your email to stand out from the crowd. You can accomplish this by choosing one from many different templates. Create an email that looks like a tweet or choose a Facebook template – the choice is yours. Unlike other email marketing programs, MailChimp allows you to select from a number of glossy photographs that actually look great.
Slap one of these photos into an email, and you’ve got a great way to attract attention quickly.

Then again, there’s a whole debate about whether or not pictures should be included in mass emails, but that’s a debate for another article. The point is that MailChimp offers a wide range of features, tracking data, and plenty of templates to select from. You get all of this for free, or, if you choose to upgrade, for a minimal price. The end result of a MailChimp email is a message that doesn’t appear robotic, but has all the elements of a successful email marketing campaign.