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  • Maingear Goes Nvidia All the Way
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Maingear tends to keep up with graphics trends. Just last week, Maingear announced that its X-Cube desktops and F131 desktops would be equipped with AMD’s latest A-Series APUs. Now, Maingear has sent out a press release backing Nvidia’s GeForce 650 Ti. Nvidia’s GeForce 650 Ti ($149) will be an option with all Maingear desktops from now on. Clearly, Maingear means to keep up with the graphics world. Maingear also wants to make sure that all of its customers have all the options available – a wise move from a PC company that relies on custom options.

Maingear PCs

Maingear is mostly known in the gaming world. This isn’t a company that is talked about in other PC circles. But, Maingear offers some very appealing systems. Maingear’s mandate is to help consumers build custom PCs. Maingear doesn’t believe in bloat ware, and is geared towards a crowd that wants to spend more for a solid gaming PC. The choice to offer gamers the latest Nvidia wear is a good one. If you have the cash, adding the GTX 660 to a newly build Maingear PC is a great idea. But, this option will set you back an additional $229 (at the time of this writing). If that upgrade isn’t an option, the 650 Ti is definitely a good grab.

Maingear is calling the GTX 650 Ti an “entry point” into the Nvidia GTX lineup. This is an accurate labeling, since the GTX 650 is a good bridge between Nvidia’s two latest cards. Really though, this card is all about the graphics. Maingear’s press release quotes 1080p HD images, which is really tough to beat. Maingear’s objective is to offer Nvidia’s GTX lineup at all price points. Choosing one option over the other is really a matter of budget. This is something that Maingear clearly understands.

Maingear Also Backs You Up

Just in case you aren’t familiar with Maingear’s products, this company stands behind its hardware. Purchasing a PC through Maingear means having access to the company’s lifetime labor and support warranty in addition to a three-year hardware warranty. You’ll be hard-pressed to find this kind of guarantee from other PC manufacturers. Maingear is also offering some 650 Ti incentives. According to the new press release issued by Maingear, purchasing a F131 or Potenza PC with a 650 Ti card will get you a free copy of Assassin Creed III and a reduction of $150.

So, if you’re in the market for a new gaming PC, it’s definitely worth checking out Maingear’s current lineup. Not only will you have the choice between all of Nvidia’s GTX cards, but you can also cash in on Maingear’s current deal – and who doesn’t want a copy of Assassin Creed III? You can check out the Maingear press release or read more about the new GTX card offerings on Maingear’s main site. Maingear might not be a company that’s as well known in some circles as other companies, but if you’re a gamer you’ll want to look into what Maingear is selling.