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  • MakerBot 3D Printer
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Have you ever wished that you could create your own pair of sunglasses, plastic water gun, or other plastic item? Well, now you can. The MakerBot 3D Printer actually prints 3D plastic items. That’s right, you can design and create your own trinket, practical object, or otherwise if you own a MakerBot 3D Printer.

Not only is the MakerBot 3D Printer amazing, it’s also relatively affordable. Well, it’s affordable if you have just over $1,000 to spend on a 3D printer. Ok, so maybe the MakerBot 3D Printer isn’t for every household, but I’m betting you could save a fair deal of money by purchasing one of these printers. If for nothing else, this 3D wonder is ideal for manufacturers who want a quick and easy way to create any number of plastic items.

Really, What Is the MakerBot 3D Printer?

The MakerBot 3D Printer was created (where else?) in Brooklyn, New York. For a few years now, the MakerBot team has been trying to turn the idea of a 3D printer into a reality. Recently, MakerBot succeeded in creating a printer that can be used by anyone. You don’t have to have any special degrees to make this printer work, but you do need to have an imagination!
If you can imagine any plastic 3D object, you can use the MakerBot Printer.

Not only is the mere concept of this printer something straight out of a sci-fi novel, it’s also an excellent way for artists to save some money during the creative process. Just consider those modern art objects that are molded from plastic. Now, consider how much it might cost your average artist to have a piece of art made. Suddenly, that $1,300 price tag doesn’t seem so high!

Open Source All the Way

The inventors of the MakerBot printer know that open-source is the new way of creating. That’s why they are open to any ideas that might make this printer better. If you have some skill when it comes to inventions, you might consider getting in touch with MakerBot. This company certainly seems to recognize new talent, appreciate new ideas, and understand the potential of open-source products.

Where to Buy One
If you love the idea of being able to create plastic objects of any kind, and you have the right amount of funds, you might be wondering where you can purchase a MakerBot 3D Printer. Well, there’s no better place than directly from the source.

I suggest that you head to the MakerBot website, take a look at this amazing machine, and consider whether or not the MakerBot printer will make your life easier – it’s hard to imagine how it wouldn’t. After all, you can create everything from plastic ice cube trays to plastic airplane-sized travel bottles…the sky’s the limit!

On the MakerBot website, you’ll find details instructions as to how this printer works. You’ll also find out what you can do with the printer, and how you can order one. It will take a few weeks for delivery purposes, but I’m betting the wait will be worth it!