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Mixed feelings abound when it comes to cross-posting across networks. I’m a strong believer that cross-posting is a bad idea. After all, every social network is unique. Were you to post all of your tweets on Facebook, many of your Facebook followers would likely get annoyed. This is true for all the networks that you use. But, I digress.

If you happen to enjoy cross-posting, ManageFlitter may be the service for you. This service now sends any Google+ posts you create to your Twitter account. If there are two networks that may be used interchangeably, Google+ and Twitter are the only two that that seem to work together.

Why Google+ and Twitter are Compatible

The interesting thing about a social network is that users set the parameters. Before ten million users signed up to be part of Google Plus, there were no rules. Now, there’s a definite feel to the Google network. Users are treating Google Plus a lot like Twitter by posting updates frequently. Yet, these frequent posts can seem annoying at times, and I’m not sure that Google Plus should be used like Twitter. However, that topic is for a different article. What we’re here to discuss is whether or not you should allow ManageFlitter to update your Twitter account.

On that note, ManageFlitter does a decent job. It doesn’t matter what circles you have decided to make a post visible to, ManageFlitter sends everything you post to Twitter. Even better, ManageFlitter includes a handy link that Twitter will approve of. When tested, this service did perform rather well.

Complete Control

One of the nice things about ManageFlitter is that this service allows for some user control. Say, for example, that you don’t want everything you post to Google Plus to show up on your Twitter account. Well, what better way to control what is sent to Twitter and what isn’t than with a hashtag?

If you use the hashtag #twt when you create a G+ post that you want to share, ManageFlitter will only display those tagged posts on Twitter. Linking your Google Plus account with your Twitter account is easy too. All you have to do is sign up for ManageFlitter, enter your Twitter information, and the rest will be done for you. ManageFlitter was created for user-friendliness, and the service succeeds as far as this is concerned.

Who Should Use ManageFlitter

Using ManageFlitter will work if you exercise control and caution. Use the hashtag mentioned above to avoid annoying your Twitter followers. It’s also a good idea to make your posts sound as human as possible. If Google figures out that you’re using a robot with your G+ account, you may find your account deleted. Mind you, this is not necessarily a bad thing, since posts that have been cross-posted by robots aren’t posts that anyone wants to read anyway.

Anyone looking for a way to enhance the G+ experience can check out ManageFlitter. Out of all the cross-posting services available, this is one of the best.