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  • Manga Studio 5: A Jump Above The Rest
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Manga Studio’s Manga 5 is a giant leap ahead of the previous Manga Studio release. This software is true to life, filled with features, and a really goo alternative to Photoshop. Manga 5 includes drawing tools that morph any artistic creation into a full color comic. In addition to new brushes and tools, Manga 5 comes with a completely customizable UI. The developers behind Manga 5 wanted to make creating a comic easy, fast, and as accurate as possible.

Perhaps the most standout feature of Manga 5 is sharing. This program allows artists to share tools with other artists and even share individual tools (instead of an entire tool library). This feature makes it much simpler to work on a comic with colleagues and to gather a larger collection of tools. A Manga 5 debut program has been released so far. The complete Manga 5 program is set to hit shelves in June of this year. If you’re serious about your comics, Manga 5 is nearly flawless.

Not A Great Illustrator? That’s Okay!

Manga 5 developers recognize that some people have amazing ideas but aren’t great artists. So, they’ve baked some features from the program Poser into the new Manga 5. These features make it possible to build 3D figures and add characters that have already been created to a Manga 5 comic. To some, this feature may seem like a cheating method, or a feature that lets non-artists create great comic book art. But, you have to keep in mind that Manga 5 is a program designed and developed for all comic book enthusiasts – including kids who want to create comics but don’t have a knack for drawing.

In just minutes, anyone can put a clever and original comic strip online. This is what Manga 5 is all about: making great comic strips, rolling your sleeves up and getting into the grit of the comic strip design business, and learning all about animation. Manga 5 also comes with a brand-new tool called QUMA, which is essentially a lifelike white plastic model that can be bent and twisted in all kinds of human-like ways. Playing around with Manga 5 looks like a lot of fun and would be a treat for a serious comic artist or a kid who loves to create comics.

Price and Availability

Manga 5 includes a lot more features than previous Manga programs. Along with additional features comes a higher price tag. In this case, Manga 5 will retail for $500 with QUMA and $299.99 without. This is a high price to pay for anyone who’s a casual comic fan, but it’s a decent price to pay if you (or your child) are serious about getting into the comic craft. As far as availability goes, Manga 5 has just debuted in Japan and will be available in North America within the next few months.

If you want to learn more about Manga 5 before handing over $200 to $500, you will find some clever and informative videos on the main Manga 5 website. Take a look at what QUMA can do too. Sure, it will cost you $300 more for the QUMA model, but this feature might be well worth the price tag.