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  • Manpacks: Hoseanna For Men
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Shopping for underwear, socks, and other male essentials isn’t exciting. Perhaps that’s why many men wait until the very last minute to buy these things. Sometimes, waiting until the last minute doesn’t work out, since this often means running out of these items completely. Unless you do a load of laundry three or more times per week, you know how frustrating it can be to run out of socks and underwear.

Manpacks is a new website designed exclusively for men that aims to change the way men shop (or don’t shop) for under garment essentials. This website allows men to purchase essential items at low prices, but that’s not the point of Manpacks. The point of this website is to allow men to place and order and have that order renewed every month or every couple of months. Just like the site Hoseanna (for women), Manpacks makes it tough for men to every run out of underwear, socks, or other necessities.

How Manpacks Works

When you head to the Manpacks website (www.manpacks.com), you will see a number of different columns located to the left side of the site. These categories include: Underwear, Shirts, Socks, Shaving, Condoms, and Other. When you click on one of the categories, you will see subcategories (for example: boxes, briefs, and boxer-briefs are located beneath the Underwear category).

You can add as many items as you like to your cart. I also want to point out that the items are very reasonably priced -- at $5 for a pair of boxers, you can’t go wrong. Once you have completed your shopping experience, you will be asked to submit your shipping address. Now, here’s the cool part: this same order will be sent to you again in three months. If you don’t want the order to repeat (or you want to extend the amount of time), you can make changes accordingly.


You might be thinking: “yeah, this sounds great, but what if I don’t like the items I’ve chosen?” Manpacks states on the company website that items you don’t want can be returned and exchanged hassle-free. Really, there’s no good reason not to use Manpacks if you need to buy underwear, socks, and other items on a regular basis. Even if you are out of town, the items you need to survive will be sent to your house every three months.

This means that you can toss your entire drawer of mis-matched socks and ratty underwear once you have received two shipments from Manpacks. The items you order will be shipped to you in a nice neat package, and everything that you need from undershirts to dress socks is available on the site. Right now, Manpacks does not have a large variety of items, but you will find the basic essentials on the site. It’s also safe to assume that the Manpacks site will grow by leaps and bounds once the site catches on.

How to Start Using Manpacks

If you’re a guy who has a hard time remember to buy those under things, or a girl who’s sick of her man wearing beat up socks, all you have to do is head to the Manpacks site. Shopping on the site couldn’t be simpler, and ordering items is a cinch too. Need socks or underwear regularly? There’s no better way to buy these things than all at once with Manpacks.