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It can be easily said that today’s world is map obsessed. Smartphones constantly tag a user’s location, maps of all kinds have hit the Internet, and GPS tracking systems abound. So, it makes sense that an array of map apps is now available for smartphones of all kinds. As with any oversaturated market, it’s a good idea to read through map reviews before selecting one app over the rest.

Maps+ is one app that is worth considering. This app was developed by Google, and it promises to deliver legendary Google mapping capabilities…and so much more. Maps+ is different. It is also a clever way to find where you are, drift happily into your thoughts without a care, and navigate those mean streets using any kind of transportation.

An Alarming Noise

Sometimes, we lose track of ourselves. This happens for all kinds of reasons. Sinking deep into your thoughts is a great way to relax, unwind, and miss your bus stop. Maps+ is about to make all of your days better by allowing you to daydream without missing any stop. How?

Maps+ includes a number of alarm settings. You can program these alarms to ring out when it’s time for you to get off a bus, train, or remind your driver to stop at a destination. No more missing your stop, and no need to stay alert.

Bookmarking and Lurking

One of the coolest Maps+ features is bookmarking. You can add bookmarks to various locations (three are allowed per location). These bookmarks can include anything from entering information about a favorite store to marking one location as “home.” When you enter or leave the area that you have bookmarked, an audible reminder will let you know that something you like lurks around the corner.

Maps+ also has a very interesting Twitter feature. Using Maps+ you can find out where your friends and colleagues are Tweeting from at all times. This can be used to lurk, to find out where people are located, or just to gain some information about certain Tweeps. Maps+ includes some of the aforementioned features for free, but you’ll have to pay around $3 (at the time of this writing) to access the best Maps+ features.

Who Needs Maps+

If you want to get around town at all times, Maps+ is for you. This map app offers directions for pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, and walkers. You can trust Maps+ not to lead you into a bad neighborhood, through construction, or onto a road that no longer exists. Avid map users are bound to love Maps+, but I’m betting that most other people will love this app too.

You can find Maps+ in the Apple apps store. It is also possible to use Maps+ with any other Apple device. There’s no word yet as to whether or not Maps+ will be available on Android phones. But, most apps that were originally developed for iPhone are now popping up on Android phones everywhere. My advice to Android users? Sit tight, Maps+ will probably be coming your way soon.