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  • MashMe Turns You Into an Animated Character
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Sometimes it’s fun to imagine that you are someone else, or something else. A new startup called MashMe turns a video image of you into an animated character. Why would you want to do this? For the sake of creating a game avatar, or, you know, just for fun. Here’s how MashMe works.

Using MashMe

The MashMe app recognizes facial features, gestures, and movements, so you have to stand in front of a webcam and move around. The more animated you become, the more animated your character will be. The app also detects your moods, and the mood that you are current in is reflected in your animated character. Not only is it fun to create an animated version of yourself, but you can use your new animation during chats like Skype chat or Google chat.

If you’re a bit shy and don’t want others to see how you look, you could simply use your new animated character instead. Why not? The app works with pretty much any camera setup, and it’s easy to see how your animated character will come to life. To put it in better perspective, here’s an example. Let’s say that you are about to make a Skype call. You stand in front of your webcam and speak as you normally would with hand gestures. But, the person you’re chatting with only sees your animated image. Fun, right?

Other Uses

The Croatian company behind MashMe hopes that the fun chat animation app will be used for conversations through platforms like Skype, but they also hope that it could be a useful animation tool for professional animators and the like. The company will launch two different versions of the program. MashMe Hero will be for non-commercial use while MashMe Extreme will be for professional use.

In order to generate some funding, MashMe has created a Kickstarter campaign. Once the company gains enough funding both MashMe products will be available through the company. Right now, you can get a full version of MashMe Hero for $10. If you pledge more than $100, you can gain access to the professional version of the software, MashMe Extreme. If you pledge more than $100, you will get additional features such as custom animation skins.

The First of Its Kind

There’s not a lot of competition in the same kind of animation field. There are a few other companies out there, but not all companies have come as far as MashMe has. The company that is creating the software has been working on it for a few years now, and the product is finally ready to be sent to the public without too many glitches. If you do work in the animation field, MashMe might be a good professional tool worth looking into.

Even if you don’t work in animation, MashMe will still be fun to use if you do engage in a lot of difference Internet conversations, and just want a new way of appearing to those people that you do talk to. Take a look at MashMe’s Kickstarter campaign for more information.