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  • Is Samsung Creating A Massive Phone?
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There's a trend brewing. Smartphones are becoming larger. Not quite as large as a tablet, but definitely bigger all around. To back up that claim comes a new rumour this morning that Samsung is working on a massive Galaxy phone. The new phone will, supposedly, be much larger than the current Galaxy options.

Even bigger than the Galaxy Note, you ask? Samsung's Note is shockingly big -- especially when seen in public. But, yes, the new phone that Samsung is supposedly working on is larger than the Note. Why would anyone want a phone that's so big? How big is big? What are the other details? Read below.

The New Samsung Galaxy

Sometimes, gaps aren't meant to be filled. Sure, there's an existing gap between current smartphone sizes and tablets. But, does that mean that something has to fill the gap? Not necessarily. Then again, companies like Samsung see lots of marketing opportunity here. A lot of people can't afford a tablet, but would like to have a larger phone. So why not a phone that's smaller than a tablet but still compact enough to carry around?

The new Samsung Galaxy will be (reportedly) 6.3-inches. If you think about it, that's just an inch (or so) smaller than all of the 7-inch tablets that are currently on the market. Can you imagine holding a 6-inch phone up to your head? No? Well, that might just be the direction that phones are headed in. It seems like manufacturers are going to try and fill that tablet-phone gap with something being dubbed the "phablet."

Focus Elsewhere Is Important

Samsung seems to be playing around with size a lot. Most phone manufacturers pick one size and stick with it. Making a phone smaller or larger is the norm, but making all kinds of different phones seems to dilute things a bit. Some critics of this rumour state that Samsung needs to work on interfaces more than size. If a company's phone (no matter what size or model) isn't great to use, why bother messing around with width and girth?

More to the point: have you seen someone using a phablet? It just looks ridiculous. Sure, it's a lot easier to surf the web using a bigger screen, but at what cost? It's not really practical to talk on a phablet or to stuff one in a pocket. In fact, you won't be able to stuff the new Samsung Galaxy in your pocket, unless you have a really big pocket! But, alas, these are all rumours for now.

When This Phone Will Arrive

The new Galaxy phone rumours originally stemmed from Korea's 'ET News,' which is a somewhat reliable source. Whether or not this news is true remains to be seen. So far, Samsung has not made any official announcements. If the company is going to release a new phone, though, it will likely be towards the end of this summer. Hopefully, that phone will be more focused on user-friendliness and less on massive proportions. I'll keep you posted!