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For many kids, conquering the math mountain is a never-ending struggle. Programs that combine math with games are both fun and challenging for kids. When searching for math software, choose a program that’s fun and intellectually stimulating. Learning different math skills bit by bit is the best way for a child to grasp math in its entirety.

Mighty Math Zoo Zillions -- $8

Through the power of animals, Might Math Zoo Zillions makes math come alive for kids of all ages. Users will find themselves immersed in a variety of mathematical equations (more than 100) that are presented by loveable zoo animals. Fun games, puzzles, and plenty of humor are packed into Mighty Math Zoo Zillions.

This program includes subtraction, multiplication, addition, division, and some basic geometry. The one drawback to this program is the “help” section, which could use some work. However, once your kid gets the hang of this program, Might Math Zoo Zillions will become a household favorite.

Math Logic -- $19+

All kids are different, and each child learns differently. Math Logic doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles. This program isn’t packed with games, puzzles, or silly creatures. Yet, Math Logic is highly effective. Different equations are presented in quiz form, and users move onto the next math level once a quiz has been completely properly. While simple, Math Logic will appeal to kids who are eager to learn. If your child enjoys using the computer, Math Logic is a great program all-around.

Elementary Advantage -- $25+

Elementary Advantage is chalk-full of animations, colors, and games. This fun program was developed for elementary school students who need some mathematical assistance. Children will love the many cartoons that this program includes, and learning basic math skills will become a fun game with Elementary Advantage.

While slightly more expensive than other programs, Elementary Advantage includes other topics as well (math is a sub-section of this program). Give this program a try if you’re looking for something that’s both informative and entertaining.

Young Einstein Mathematics -- $60+

Young Einstein Mathematics comes in two different versions. The first version was meant for teachers who need a hand explaining basic mathematics to children. The second version is meant for individual use. The individual program really includes everything that you could want from a basic mathematics program. With more than 300+ activities, your child will never become bored with Young Einstein Mathematics.

Some users may find the program tough to navigate, though users who are older than 5 years of age will adapt quickly to this program. The one drawback to this program is the price tag, which is significantly higher than other programs. However, for $60+ you will get a complete mathematics package.