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  • Introducing Max: From Netflix
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What comes after Siri? How about Max? Max is Netflix's new artificial intelligence voice, and this robotic helper aims to find Netflix users the perfect match. Max recommends shows and movies based on the way that users are currently feeling and on what users usually watch. Meant to help Netflix users find something unique to view, Max is making major headlines.

Max Can Help

Netflix's Max is full of suggestions and entertaining bits. One way to use Max is to select a movie genre; then rate each movie Max shows you according to your preferences; and finally Max will come up with some suggestions for you. Or, you can play Max's 'Celebrity Mood Ring' game. To find a movie using this game, Max will ask you which celebrity you'd like to see in a film right now. By picking a celebrity, Max will suggest films that star said celebrity.

Another way that you can choose a movie using Max is to answer a specific question. In the Netflix sample video, this question is: "tortured genius or talking animals?" Max choose a movie based on your answer.

Lastly, you can let Max pick a movie at random. Netflix has set up Max's selections to showcase movies that are completely original and based on a wide variety of preferences. So, you could end up watching a blockbuster or something you've never heard of before. Really, the choice is yours depending on what you are in the mood for. Why use Max at all?

A Fun Way to Flip

Max presents Netflix users with a fun way to find a new movie to watch. Sometimes, you just don't feel like flipping through all of those available titles. When you just want a quick and painless recommendation, Max is the way to go. Plus, it's fun to watch Max pick and choose titles. Netflix's Siri alternative comes with games, noises, a happy voice, and all-around fun. Only, you can't get Max right now if you don't have a PS3 or live in the United States.

Netflix does hope to bring Max to other Netflix users in other parts of world, but, for now, Max remains stuck in your PS3 in the USA. If Max isn't for you, that's okay too. Netflix knows that some people won't dig what Max has to offer, and that's okay with the company. The point of Max is to provide a fun way to find a new movie to watch. But, what if you don't like most of the movies you see on Netflix?

A Varied Choice

Netflix tries to provide users with as many movie options as possible. This is a good thing, since most movie stores that once existed are now gone. In fact, it's hard to find movies that are coming from streaming options now, so you may have to hunt far and wide to see something completely original.

Hopefully, Netflix will offer subscribers movies that aren't all block busters. This way, you can use Max, find what you want, and enjoy a completely new movie tonight. Got a PS3 and live in the USA? Check out Max now!