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  • Max Payne 3 Will Pleasantly Surprise Gamers
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When images of the new Max Payne sequel hit the internet, many were skeptical. The developers gave the beloved game a make-over and many fans expressed concern that the new look might mean changes to the things they love most about the Max Payne franchise.

The editors at CNET, however, assure us that fans need not worry about the game. After a hands-off demo of the game at Rockstar Games' New York offices, CNET reports that the game stays true to its roots and wont disappoint fans.

Part of the aesthetic changes made to the third Max Payne game, likely has to do with a change in the developers of the game. The first two games in the franchise were developed by Remedy, but the company only had a small part to play in the development of the latest sequel. Rockstar reports that reps from Remedy had limited access to the changes being made in Max Payne 3.

Remedy gave some notes on how they thought the game could be improved, but were overall very pleased with the new direction and feel of the game. When the first trailer for Max Payne 3 was launched online, the CEO of Remedy, Matias Myllyrinne took to twitter to congratulate Rockstar with a big thumbs-up of approval.

The appearance of Max Payne in the trailer, which was released online September 14, 2011, shocked some fans of the game. Max Payne is a fictional character, and it's not uncommon for video game characters to keep the same identity, but change in appearance with each game. Link, from the Zelda games, is a perfect example of this. This isn't the first time Max Payne has undergone a face-change.

In fact, each Max Payne game had a different inspiration for the appearance of the character. Part of the reason is due to changes in graphics technologies, but there are plenty of other reasons to change a character's appearance. In the first game, Max was drawn in the likeness of his creator and writer, Sam Lake. The second game was inspired by actor Timothy Gibbs, while this latest likeness was drawn from the voice actor of the character, James McCaffrey.

Changes to the setting and appearance of Max's character disturbed some fans. However, the changes made to the setting and the character himself, are all addressed in the story arc of these games. While some gamers might miss the snowy New York scenery and full-head of hair on their favorite character, most people are expected to enjoy and appreciate the direction of this latest game.

The character has gone through a lot, including the murder of his family (this all adds to the background of the game and enriches user experience). In the third game, fans will see Max in a new light. He's shaved his head and moved to another continent to try and escape his troubled past. Anyone who played Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne is expected to understand the changes our anti-hero is undergoing.