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Security should be the number one thing on your mind if you use the Internet in any way. Especially if you run your business online. In the realm of security companies, a few hold the biggest marketshare including McAfee. Long recognized for excellent products and excelling where security is concerned, McAfee is a trusted name.

Recently, the California-based company launched a brand new all-in-one security suite called 'LiveSafe.' McAfee has worked with Intel on this suite, and it's targeted directly at every possible consumer. How can that be? Here's what McAfee's latest security suite is all about.

For Every User

McAfee developers realized that there's a current problem within the security world: attacks impact everyone these days. No matter what operating system you're using or what device you think is safe, you are vulnerable to attack. This wasn't the case not so long ago, but now a security suite that covers all bases is an absolute necessity.

LiveSafe works with iOS, Android, and Windows. In addition, you can use this suite on any device -- or all devices. There's no limit as to how many devices you want to use with the new security suite, and that's a major selling point. Another major selling point is something called "Personal Locker."

McAfee's Personal Locker Feature

Personal Locker is, as the name suggests, a place where user can store highly sensitive files. In order to access these files, users must create a password; record a sound clip; and send McAfee a photo. Using the password, sound clip, and photo together is the only way to access these locked files.

Of course, this new suite from McAfee also includes firewall protection; anti-malware protection; and anti-virus protection. All of these things are relatively standard, though. What's really going to get most people seeking a security suite is that Personal Locker feature.

Password Managers Too

LiveSafe also includes a password management system that will save and remember passwords for you. This system is also highly secure, so no need to worry about any problems with password management. Clearly, McAfee has created the ultimate security suite beast here, and that's why this program is gaining so much press today.

McAfee and Intel have also priced the new LiveSafe suite to sell. For the first year, LifeSave will cost $19.99. After that, the price jumps to $79.99. Sure, that's a big leap, but think of all that you'll get. Here's a quick recap.

In Conclusion

The McAfee LifeSafe Security Suite comes with a voice, photo, and pin security system called 'Personal Locker.' This suite works on iOS, Android, and Windows. You can use the suite with as many devices as you like without any limits. The suite also comes with standard protection measures like anti-malware, anti-virus, and firewall. For the first year, the price is $19.99, and it's $79 annually after that.

There you have it. McAfee has created the super security suite to beat them all (or most of them). Now, let's sit back and watch other security companies try to compete, since that's pretty much inevitable!