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  • Medialets

There’s no doubt that the mobile advertising market is a huge one. Last year, many companies went mobile and with those companies came mobile ads. The problem is that taking out a mobile ad is somewhat complicated. Not only are there a number of different ad formats, but there’s no real regulation involved in mobile advertising. A new website called Medialets is attempting to change the way that business advertise in the mobile sphere, and how those who offer advertising space can reach out to those looking to advertise.

Essentially, Medialets allows publishers and advertisers to exert more control over mobile ad pricing than these two parties have over Internet ad space. There is a good chance that Medialets will become a popular way for both publishers and advertisers to do mobile business, since no site like this one currently exists. If you are looking for mobile ad space or have mobile ad space to sell, Medialets is certainly worth a moment of your time.

How It Works

By using Medialets, publishers can arrange pricing per advertiser. If a publisher wants to increase ad pricing for one advertiser and decrease it for another, this can be done (quietly, of course). Publishers can also block certain ads from running on a mobile app. This feature will be particularly useful for those publishers who don’t want to run conflicting ad campaigns. Both publishers and advertisers can arrange various whitelists through Medialets, which will give both sides even more control.

The whole Medialets site is interesting to consider from both the advertising and publisher angle. Thanks to the format of this site, both parties come out ahead. Medialets is currently an invite-only site, and the site will launch today for the first time. While you may not have an invite to Medialets just yet, this reviewer is betting that this site will quickly gain both advertiser and publisher attention.

Similar Companies Sprouting

The mobile ad market is a hot one right now. With both advertisers and publishers wanting to reach mobile users, there potential for some great ad campaigns is huge. Presently, this market is also a tough one though, and it’s one that is largely unsold. Right now, advertisers are waiting to see how the mobile markets pan out before investing any large amounts of advertising dollars. However, with sites like Medialets, it’s easy to see where the future of mobile ads is headed.

There’s no doubt that other companies interesting in wrangling in the mobile ad market are watching the launch of Medialets closely today. If this site successfully provides a mobile ad marketplace for publishers and advertisers, other sites like Medialets may be popping up very soon. Right now, you’ll have to wait and see how Medialets progresses before snagging a publisher or advertising spot. Today, the site begins with 40 invitees who are currently testing out the site to its fullest extent. Needless to say, all advertising eyes are watching to see how Medialets works out for those 40 who are already part of the club.